Too Sense: Cry Havok, And Let Loose The Dogs Of War

Too Sense

Cry Havok, And Let Loose The Dogs Of War

For so many months, the far right has been trying to convince America that Obama is secretly an angry radical, that Michelle holds a racial grudge against white people, that Rev. Wright hates America. How bitterly ironic, then, and how desperately sad it is that the real rage, the radicalism, the animosity…is coming from the right’s supporters.

McCain’s public rallies have descended into cries that Obama is a terrorist, and calls for his head to be cut off. McCain himself said nothing to correct an audience member who referred to Obama as a socialist and a hooligan. One of McCain’s senior advisers referred to Obama as “some guy off the street.” What we are seeing is the early stages of a blood frenzy. Old, old anxieties and resentments are being stoked, and directed against Obama the “other” as a convenient scapegoat for what ails the audience member. The (so far) sporadic calls for violence are going un-checked, which is, in itself, a form of tacit encouragement.

They have no idea of the forces they are toying with? With respect to TC, there’s just no way that the Republicans don’tknow what they’re doing. The Dixiecrats, after all, became closely intertwined with the core power structure of the GOP when they switched over from being Democrats. If any group of people has collective knowledge about the nature of these emotional forces, it’s the Dixiecrats. For most of their period of ascendancy in the South (from the Tilden-Hayes Compromise onward), the Dixiecrats’ hold on power was predicated on manipulating those exact emotions. There is no credible basis to assume that somehow the rest of the GOP remained ignorant of these things after they welcomed the Dixiecrats with open arms.

No, the Republicans know. They know, and they continue. There is nothing innocent in their conduct. The road that the GOP has put themselves on, the road that they want the rest of us to take, leads directly to black preachers bleeding out on hotel balconies, to small chidren blown to pieces in their own church, to presidential candidates dying in hotel kitchens. The road to Hell is paved with political intentions.


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