About The Center for Social Inclusion

The Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) was founded in 2002 to develop strategies for dismantling structural racism, the arrangements between institutions, policies and practices in society that isolate and exclude communities of color and reduce opportunities for everyone. CSI is a public policy intermediary, serving as a bridge between policy research and grassroots activism in order to create more effective strategies for promoting equality and opportunity.

The Center for Social Inclusion’ s mission is to achieve a fair distribution of the benefits and burdens of public policy to dismantle structural racism, which creates and perpetuates racially identifiable poverty and social exclusion.

4 Responses

  1. I applaud your efforts. This election cycle has done more damage to race relations than I could have imagined.

    Beginning with Ryburn’s unfair and untruthful comments about Bill Clinton in South Carolina to the downright malicious comments coming from the Obama supporters. Disagreeing with someone’s political stance isn’t racist and it is demeaning to be called a racist just because you don’t support the policies of a certain candidate.

  2. This Web site is an unfortunate and utter joke and nothing more than a thinly-veiled effort to promote your own personal and political agenda.

    Until we can stop over-using and hiding behind the word in an effort to justify hatred in our hearts and minds and instead begin to try and understand each other and reach a middle ground, the divide will continue to grow until one day all that will be left in an extremely hopeless abyss that sucks us all in to the point of no return.

  3. Thanks for starting this site. We all have to do are part and if it wasn’t for blogs and youtube getting the truth out there. McCain would probably be winning this thing

  4. This is fantastic, you have a link on the left side of your webpage to BlackAmericaweb to be non racist you must also put up a link to WiteAmericaweb where they defend there interests. In all fairness, have to be fair as a South-African I follow American news from Amren.com it is the most informative news page for white Americans. In South Africa we the white minority don’t have one tenth of the minority rights black Americans have, if a white man insults a black man it is racism if a black man kills you and rape you wife or daughter its only crime, everybody suffers under crime they tell me. I can’t wait for America to become minority white, you have so much to learn.

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