Detroit Free Press: Shameless anti-stem cell ad

Detroit Free Press

Shameless anti-stem cell ad

But opponents to Proposal 2, the Nov. 4 ballot initiative that would legalize embryonic stem cell research in Michigan, may have set new standards for shameless fear-mongering

An ad titled “In the Name of Good,” (See it here.) which began running today, compares the research that Prop 2 would allow to the human experimentation horrors at Tuskegee University. Using an actor whose voice “sounds” black, the commercial says (quite falsely) that stem cell research won’t be regulated, and implies that it could therefore lead to abuses similar to the Tuskegee experiments, in which hundreds of African-American men were purposely infected with syphillis by researchers.

The point is clear: to frighten minority communities into voting against Prop 2 by drawing a false connection with past abuse. 

It’s far past shameless, and well into reckless and even pernicious campaigning. 

Think Progress: Right-Wing Ad Tries To Frighten Minorities By Comparing Embryonic Stem Cell Research To Tuskegee Study

Think Progress

Right-Wing Ad Tries To Frighten Minorities By Comparing Embryonic Stem CellResearch To Tuskegee Study

Up for consideration in Michigan is Proposal 2, a measure to permit embryonic stem cell research. As the NIH has outlined, embryonic stem cells offer the most promise for medical breakthroughs

Right-wing opponents of the measure have resorted to desperate, “shameless” fear-mongering. A new ad compares embryonic stem cell research to the Tuskegee study, which the Detroit Free Press calls “horribly offensive, race-baiting.” Watch the ad:


PrezVid: With Friends Like These . . .


With Friends Like These . . .

Reverend Wright might be off-limits to the McCain campaign, but not to a PAC called Our Country Deserves Better. This 60-second spot says Obama’s BFFs are the good Reverend, William Ayers and disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. (Admit it, you miss seeing those classic Reverend Wright rants.)

Sound Bite: “Sorry Senator Obama, but if this is the kind of change you want for America, you can keep the change.”


Politico: Conservative judicial group drops Rezko, Ayers and, yes, Wright on Obama


Conservative judicial group drops Rezko, Ayers and, yes, Wright on Obama

conservative Judicial Confirmation Network goes up today with an ad reminding voters in two key states about Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

Representatives for the group say it will be a “$1 million ad and grassroots effort” around the veep debate tomorrow and the opening of the new Supreme Court session Monday.

It will air on networks in the smaller and more inexpensive markets across Ohio and Michigan.   In Ohio, Zanesville, Lima, Toledo, Youngstown, and Wheeling-Steubenville.  In Michigan,  Marquette, Traverse City-Cadillac, Lansing, Kalamazoo-Battle Creek, Alpena.  They’re also buying time in Erie, Pennsylvania.

CNN politicker: New ad targeting Obama features connection to Rev. Wright

CNN politicker

New ad targeting Obama features connection to Rev. Wright

The conservative group Judicial Confirmation Network is launching a new television ad in key battleground states Wednesday that in part features Barack Obama’s ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the controversial pastor who nearly derailed the Illinois senator’s presidential bid last spring.

The independent ad is the first campaign spot in the general election to highlight Obama’s lengthy relationship with Wright, a subject that generated considerable media scrutiny during the primary season but one John McCain has said should not be an issue in the race for the White House.

A spokeswoman for the group says more than $500,000 is being spent on the ad, which is set to run in Ohio and Michigan markets through Election Day. It will also run nationally on Fox News during the upcoming debates.

Michigan Messenger: Two GOP precinct delegates in Michigan have ties to white nationalism

Michigan Messenger

Two GOP precinct delegates in Michigan have ties to white nationalism

A self-avowed member of the Klu Klux Klan, Randy Gray of Midland, is the second newly elected Republican precinct delegate in Michigan who has ties to white supremacist organizations.

Gray was elected by Midland County Republican voters to serve the party in Midland County. The other newly elected Republican official is Kyle Bristow. He is the newly minted Clinton Township (Macomb County) Republican precinct delegate and is the former chair of the Michigan state chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group.

In a report from Media Mouse (a West Michigan news blog), Gray said that all he had to do was put his name on the ballot and that he did not campaign for the position. The Media Mouse report includes a screen shot of Gray bragging about his victory on the message board of a white nationalist Web site, There is no evidence available whether Bristow campaigned for the position, either, or, similar to Gray, merely applied successfully to get his name on the ballot.

In his new position with the Republican Party, Gray reports to Midland County Republican Chair Diane Bristol. When called for comment, Bristol told Michigan Messenger, “If, in fact, he’s associated with the KKK, [then] yes, it troubles me.