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Do you want to know why the race card—or at least the 21st century manifestation of it—is the most powerful, most effective political weapon in America?

There is no response possible. There is no answer to an African-American’s charge that what you are saying, or hinting, or thinking, or wishing, or unconsciously dreaming is racist.

Any attempt to defend yourself gives credence to the charge. Ignoring the smear is tantamount to an acknowledgement of guilt.

One may ask why all of a sudden Obama himself, his campaign, his surrogates, and his sycophants in the press are throwing the race card around with such abandon? Why the speeches, statements, editorials, op-eds, columns, and blog posts taking McCain to task for “allowing” or “enabling” or “causing” or “encouraging” racism to rear its ugly head at political rallies?

The answer is simple; use it or lose it when it comes to the race card. Short on specific charges of mass hate being whipped up at McCain political events while long on scurrilous, baseless, smears, Black legislators, columnists, and luminaries have taken up the tactics of the Night Rider in order to terrorize people into keeping their mouths shut while casting nauseating aspersions on the GOP candidate for president and his supporters.

After saying that “there were three kinds of people in the world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happen, Sheriff Scott threw the crowd a piece of raw meat when he said “On election day, let’s leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened.”

Was the crowd roaring because of the use of “Hussein” or was it due to the punchline – a pretty damned effective one if you ask me.? Only your psychic knows for sure. If the crowd roared because of Scott’s allusion to victory on election day, it destroys Payne’s entire narrative of the event – including Scott as another Republican closet Kluxer. (What an extraordinary personal smear by Payne).

No matter. Never stop a bigot when they’re on a roll. Scott’s use of “Hussein” was out of line because John McCain believes that saying Obama’s real name is wrong. I agree.

But the implication is that he is Muslim not that he is black so how Payne and his racialist cohorts can twist what is clearly a tweak at Obama’s father and the idea that Obama is a closet Muslim is a mystery. Except that when you are playing the race card, even giving a weather report can be construed as racist.

I think it a smear to use Obama’s middle name and I wish Scott and other McCain supporters would realize it and stop it. It is questionable hardball politics not racial bigotry. And Payne mindlessly repeats the false notion that the crowd at the event and other McCain/Palin rallies was “angry” or hateful. Payne was obviously too lazy to watch the videos himself. They were happy. They were excited. And for people like Payne to take out of context the mouthings of one or two idiots at a rally attended by thousands is absolute lunacy.

American Thinker: Raising George Wallace from the dead – again

American Thinker

Raising George Wallace from the dead – again

We at American Thinker have been documenting this incredible meme being advanced in the press and among liberal commentators that McCain rallies are somehow turning into “angry mobs” bent on violence.

Anyone who watches a video of these rallies gets a much different impression. In fact, placing a video of a McCain rally beside one by Obama, and using the yardstick of how excited the crowds get when one of the candidates toss some partisan red meat out into the audience, I daresay Obama crowds come out “more hateful” than McCain gatherings.

But of course, the left knows this and are advancing the false narrative anyway. It is useful to play the race card in this manner because it stifles free expression and dampens enthusiasm at GOP rallies while tarring McCain and his supporters with the smear of “racist.”

As for Wallace, can’t we just let the old bigot lie in peace? The idea that anything McCain has said, hinted, thought, or dreamed can be construed as encouraging or enabling racist outbursts by his audiences is a lie. Jackson knows it. He’s just flinging dirt and playing the race card because so many others are doing it.

I will put it to you this way. Which is more dangerous: playing the race card to deliberately stifle free speech while smearing the candidate and his followers with the worst label in American politics? Or is it more problematic to watch happy, excited people cheering for their candidate when he or she attacks the opponent for his beliefs, his character, or his associations?

I take the race card head on with no apologies for political correctness on my own blog: “Black Night Riders Terrorizing our Politics.”

Silenced Majority Portal: North Carolina Political Art / “Race Card” Ad

Silenced Majority Portal

North Carolina Political Art / “Race Card” Ad


McCain-Palin ad parody (I assume) about “the race card”


Newsweek: Moderate Voice: “So what if Obama were a Muslim or Arab?”

Newsweek: Moderate Voice

“So what if Obama were a Muslim or Arab?”

I’ve got to say, Campbell Brown has impressed me with her willingness to say what other journalists have only been thinking this election season. First, she called out the McCain campaign for shielding Palin from the press “like a delicate flower who will wilt at any moment.” And her latest commentary addresses the bigotry against Arabs and Muslims popping up at McCain rallies.

Last week a supporter told McCain she didn’t trust Obama because he was an Arab, to which McCain replied, “No ma’am. He’s a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. That’s what this campaign is all about. He’s not, thank you.”

Brown retorts:

Now, I commend Sen. McCain for correcting that woman, for setting the record straight. But I do have one question — so what if he was?

So what if Obama was Arab or Muslim? So what if John McCain was Arab or Muslim? Would it matter?

When did that become a disqualifier for higher office in our country? When did Arab and Muslim become dirty words? The equivalent of dishonorable or radical?

We’ve all been too quick to accept the idea that calling someone Muslim is a slur. We can’t tolerate this ignorance — not in the media, not on the campaign trail.

Few have been willing to address that issue directly, and as a consequence, slurring Muslims/Arabs has become an acceptable shield for racists who would never have voted for Obama in the first place. Racism against African Americans has become so taboo that most genuine racists are afraid express themselves in public. But slurring people from the Middle East? Well, hell, we’re at war and all. Nothing wrong with standing up in front of a large crowd with a microphone and spewing hatred for “those people,” right?

Jack&Jill Politics: Blame the Niggers: A Time-Honored Response to the Financial Crisis

Jack&Jill Politics

Blame the Niggers: A Time-Honored Response to the Financial Crisis

The main reason I haven’t written about this before was that, to me, the strategy was so prima facie ridiculous, racist and self-serving, I was sure no one could possibly take it seriously. I mean, I literally chuckled and shook my head the first time I heard tell of it and did a Lil Jon “HWHUT!?”

But leave it to me to fail to see the enduring appeal of a classic conservative “Blame the Niggers” strategy. Black people are sort of used to taking the blame unjustly for all of society’s ills. A lot of the time, we just roll our eyes, shrug it off and go about our business, just trying to put food on the table for our families.

Right now, certain people – certain predatory lenders and those who supported them – are looking for someone to blame. Those who asked for de-regulation and self-governance are looking for a bailout from their mistakes and when you’re looking for government welfare, why not lay blame on the (non-existent) “welfare queens” with whom you’re now competing? Who took your money, your house, your retirement savings, your job, your Christmas? Certainly not anyone with wealth and power, in charge, with access to policymakers, making decisions that affect millions. No, America — this is so simple. Who did this to America? Why, the niggers! The niggers did it!

Media Matters: Wash. Times’ Gaffney made false and baseless claims about Obama’s birth certificate, purported “ties” to Khalid al-Mansour

Media Matters

Wash. Times’ Gaffney made false and baseless claims about Obama’s birth certificate, purported “ties” to Khalid al-Mansour

Washington Times columnist Frank Gaffney Jr. falsely claimed that Sen. Barack Obama “has, to date, failed to provide an authentic birth certificate which could clear up the matter” of “whether Mr. Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States.” In fact, even the right-wing website WorldNetDaily found that a birth certificate supplied by the Obama campaign is authentic.

Media Matters: Conservative radio hosts repeat discredited claim that Obama has not produced valid U.S. birth certificate

Media Matters

Conservative radio hosts repeat discredited claim that Obama has not produced valid U.S. birth certificate

Radio hosts Michael Savage, Rick Roberts, and Chris Baker repeated the discredited claim that Sen. Barack Obama has not produced a valid U.S. birth certificate. In fact, the Obama campaign posted a copy of Obama’s birth certificate on its “Fight the Smears” website, and reportedly provided the original document to FactCheck.org, whose staff concluded that it “meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship.

National Journal Spotlight: Union Ad Says Racism Isn’t Free

National Journal Spotlight

Union Ad Says Racism Isn’t Free

The American Federation of Government Employees hit the airwaves with a one-minute radio advertisement Friday, asking blue-collar voters to ignore race and gender in the presidential election and focus on the issues.

The idea for “Courage to Change(subscription) came from an August meeting of union leaders in Chicago, explained AFGE National PresidentJohn Gage, who stars in the ad.

“All of us reported getting stinging e-mails and hearing the code words of racism from some members” after the AFL-CIO endorsed Barack Obama earlier in the year, Gage said. (The AFGE is a member union of the AFL-CIO.) “There was a frank discussion of race at the meeting, and we decided to go after it head-on.”

The union has already shelled out $500,000 to run the ad in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virgina and West Virginia — with “more to come.” While a union representative said the ad’s focus on racism and sexism means it could apply to both campaigns, there’s little doubt from its opening lines that the radio spot is most concerned with the former.

“I’m old enough to appreciate the union movement’s contributions to civil rights — and I’m white enough to pick up on the code words of prejudice,” Gage says, later adding, “There are 100 good reasons for how you vote this year and only one bad reason.”

The ad isn’t designed to convince voters to give up racism, Gage told NationalJournal.com, but to make the economic costs of that bias clear.

“Prejudice is not free,” he added.

WashPost: McCain’s Chilling Dance With the Dark Side


McCain’s Chilling Dance With the Dark Side

(H/T Racism Review)


So the McCain camp is trying to raise doubts about Barack Obama — even though the Illinois senator has been on the national stage for four years and has been under the presidential campaign microscope for the last 20 months. They seem to have no qualms appealing to the cultural fears of their agitated, and now energized, base by practically branding Obama as un-American or anti-American. And this is eliciting an ugliness at McCain-Palin events that is justifiably raising alarms that some nut job is going to act on the Republican ticket’s cynical campaigning.

For two days now, there have been stories about boisterous McCain-Palin supporters screaming inflammatory words at the very mention of Obama’s name. Words like “terrorist” and “Kill him!” and “treason.” And at no point has McCain or Palin called on those folks and others who would imitate them to stop. It reminds me of McCain’s laughing response, during the primaries, when a South Carolina supporter asked, in reference to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, “How do we beat the bitch?”


Judging by this picture — taken on Oct. 5 on Mickle Hill Road in Warren County, Pa., by Maryland resident Kurt Kolaja, who was attending a wedding in the area — the McCain campaign is tapping into an even more unsavory strain of anger within the electorate.

Or how about this one, taken just down the road by Kolaja’s daughter



Little Green Footballs: Spiegel Columnist: Sarah Palin is a Witless Racist

Little Green Footballs

Spiegel Columnist: Sarah Palin is a Witless Racist

Article after article today denouncing Sarah Palin and John McCain, but especially Sarah Palin, for “injecting race” into the campaign.

By which they invariably mean: bringing up Barack Obama’s troubling long-term associations with hardcore radicals of one type or another.

Germany’s Spiegel Online gets into the act too with a venomous article by former TIME reporter Peter Ross Range: The Lone Ranger: Is Sarah Palin Playing with Fire?

In her witless way, Sarah Palin has re-injected race into the presidential campaign at just the time when it seemed to be sliding into insignificance. After all, you can hardly attach a racial narrative to the global financial crisis. Furthermore, polls have been suggesting a surprisingly high degree of acceptance by whites of a black in the White House.

Some commentators think “brownness” (immigrants) has replaced blackness as the new racial scarecrow in American politics. I think it is also true that as people have gotten used to Obama, they increasingly see not a black man, but a post-racial person (white and black, by birth) who calmly and coolly embodies the swirling ethnic mix that is modern America.

But Palin, with plenty of abetment from McCain, has gotten it going again with the theme that Obama “is not a man who sees America like you and I see America.” She’s selling Obama not as the black, but as the other. This obviously can appeal to racial fears and antagonisms