Alexandra Anderson: Michele Obama using race card may end up in Fox News hands!

Alexandra Anderson

Michele Obama using race card may end up in Fox News hands!

I knew it and hoped it! And it seem that it will go my way. API reports:

Michelle Obama tapes’ imminent release approaching
API in a serious negotiation with FOX NEWS on the best way forward

Posted by africanpress on October 21, 2008

API has an ongoing discussion with FOX NEWS on the best way forward in the process of releasing Michelle Obama tapes to the American people.

API hopes the negotiation will be completed as soon as possible so that thetapes can be made available to FOX NEWS in the next few days andspecifically before the voting day – the 4th of November.

API will make use of Legal Representation in the US when finalising thehand-over of the tapes and on any legal matters that may arise after thecontents of the tapes become public.
We want to thank all our readers – those who have managed to be patient andalso those who have exhibited total impatience. We assure them that anagreement will be reached soon between API and FOX NEWS one way or another, so that API fulfills the promise it gave to the readers.

The important thing we want the readers to know is how the tapes will behandled once it finally leaves API’s custody. API has confidence in FOX NEWS and will allow them to decide whether the tapes will be aired in full, edited or unedited. Once the tapes are released to FOX NEWS as per agreementthat will be arrived at between the parties, API believes that FOX NEWS iscompetent enough to decide on how to proceed in handling the tapes because -better than us in API – they know what is best for the American listeners.

Some may not understand why this has taken long to accomplish. Sensitive issues requires careful steps so that nobody gets hurt in the process.People have questioned why the delay. API wanted to take time and make agood choice on the way forward and we can now happily say we are on the right track and hopefully you do not have to wait for long before your wishes are fulfilled.

Now that the release of the tapes is imminent, as soon as an agreement isreached, API hopes that those who finally gets access to its contents willuse them wisely, in a way that brings the American people closer to one another despite their political allienation and to be above racial behaviour and work together for a better United American Nation. API does not wish to see the information from the tapes being misused by those who may wish to satisfy their own interests and achieve a particular aim.

The release of the tapes will take place without costs to any one. The negotiation between API and FOX NEWS bears no sign of money involved andthat has been API’s wish all along.
Published by Chief Editor Korir /African Press International.

Now they have to find some dirty video in bed with Biden or Schumer…..

CAFFEINATED POLITICS: John McCain Plays Race Card In Pennsylvania


John McCain Plays Race Card In Pennsylvania

The headline in the Washington Times, a conservative paper, told all there was to know. 

McCain targets white Clinton strongholds

The story is pretty much what one might expect.  But is this what John McCain wants as his legacy about his final political contest in America?  I have read for decades about ‘Potomac Fever’, and how it grabs the soul of some politicians, but I never understood how thoroughly it can impact a person until this election year.  The polls show there is no way that McCain can win in Pennsylvania, so why go there and stir passions of fear and hate?  Just to show the nation there is still a fight in the McCain campaign is not good enough.  Lets remember that after Election Day we still have a nation that needs to come together and fight the real issues that confront the new President.  Enough of the racial politics.

Gawker: Obama Suspends Campaign to Visit Ailing Racist Grandmother


Obama Suspends Campaign to Visit Ailing Racist Grandmother

Boy another stunt from the Obama campaign, it makes ussick. The radical Democratic candidate is leaving the campaign trail for “more than 36 hours” to head over to exotic, foreign “Hawaii” to look after his 85-year-old grandmother Madelyn Dunham, who is “gravely ill.” Mrs. Dunham raised young Obama for many of his childhood years, and she’s among the last of his immediate family left. As we all also know, Obama hates his terrible racist grandmother with a fiery angry black radical passion, because she is a racist.

We know this because in a frank and honest interview following his smart and important speech on race, he called her a “typical white person” because she is at heart a kind and good person who sometimes feels irrational prejudices. This enraged Geraldine Ferraro, and others. It was a punchline at The Corner for a good six months.

National Journal Hotline: Blogometer

National Journal Hotline


OBAMA II: The Prince Of Welfare?

Many conservative bloggers are arguing that Obama’s proposal to cut taxes for 95% of Americans will result in welfare for Americans who don’t pay income taxes. Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel recently made this argument:

“…Mr. Obama will give 95% of American working families a tax cut, even though 40% of Americans today don’t pay income taxes! How can our star enact such mathemagic? How can he ‘cut’ zero? Abracadabra! It’s called a ‘refundable tax credit.’ It involves the federal government taking money from those who do pay taxes, and writing checks to those who don’t. Yes, yes, in the real world this is known as ‘welfare,’ but please try not to ruin the show.”

  • NRO‘s Cliff May: “OK, so we all know that taxation without representation is a form of tyranny. But as Kimberly Strassel and others have been pointing out, ‘40% of Americans today don’t pay income taxes.’ What if, not implausibly, in the next administration that number rises to 51% or more? At that point, the majority of Americans not paying taxes would elect leaders who decide how much the minority must fork over to the government — to be redistributed to the majority through government programs and services. A majority of American would enjoy representation without taxation. This is probably not a form [of] tyranny that [Thomas] Jefferson[James] Madison,[Benjamin] Franklin et al. envisioned.”
  • NRO‘s Andy McCarthy: “Cliff, I actually think it’s exactly the form of tyranny the Founders feared. As an increasingly sizable majority pays no taxes, the minority’s representation becomes ever more illusory. The minority will be taxed, its property rights will be eroded, and it will have no meaningful say in the matter. A tyrant is a tyrant, whether he’s a king or a block-voting majority of dependents. As Obama and his ACORN friends used to say when he was a community organizer signing up half of Chicago, ‘It’s a power thing.'”

Liberal bloggers are rebutting this argument by pointing out that “a worker can be a ‘taxpayer’ whether or not they owe any income tax”Obsidian Wings‘ hilzoy writes: “How can you cut taxes for people who pay no income taxes? Magic? Welfare? Or maybe — just maybe — people who pay no income taxes pay some other kind of tax. I know, I know: how could there be any sort of tax other than the (federal) income tax? I have heard that in distant lands there are strange, exotic taxes, like the ‘sales tax’, the ‘property tax’, ‘state and local income taxes’, the ‘capital gains tax’, ‘use taxes’, ‘permit fees’, other fees, the ‘severance tax’, the ‘occupational privilege tax’, the ‘estate tax’, the ‘gift tax’, the ‘federal excise tax’, and even the fantastically named ‘generation skipping transfer tax’. But surely we have no such outlandish customs here! We who live in a country that has only one sort of tax, the federal income tax, can only stare in wonder at those benighted countries where people actually pay taxes whenever they buy a shovel or realize capital gains. Oh. Wait.”

Washington Independent: The Mis-Reading of the ‘Bradley Effect’

Washington Independent

The Mis-Reading of the ‘Bradley Effect’ 

Lance Tarrance, who polled for Deukmejian in 1982, got it closest to right. Recently, he wrote: “[A]nalysis of the 1982 election revealed the weakness in the Bradley Effect theory as Bradley actually won on Election Day turnout, but lost the absentee vote so badly that Deukmejian pulled ahead to win. That Bradley won the vote on Election Day would hardly seem to suggest a hidden or last minute anti-black backlash.”

In fact, this reveals that Bradley’s liberal supporters had bungled an important strategic decision. In hopes of increasing Democratic turnout, they qualified Proposition 15, a hand-gun control initiative, for the November 1982 ballot. Every gun owner in California was furious.

The National Rifle Assn. endorsed Deukmejian; and the first large-scale, aggressive absentee ballot campaign was launched by the GOP.

Prop. 15 lost by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. It was defeated in every county except San Francisco and Marin. According to the California Journal, “it was obliterated in rural California,” where turnout ran about 10 percent higher than in urban areas. And the absentee ballot count was lopsided in favor of the Republican.

Tens of thousands of gun lovers registered their vote against gun control and stuck around to mark their ballots for Deukmejian.

Nonetheless, Mervin Field’s exit polling was, to some extent, accurate. Field did not account for absentee ballot voters. His survey—like the actual results—showed a Bradley win at the ballot box.

There were other factors that contributed to imperfect polling — and Bradley’s loss. A lackluster campaign led to a low-turnout election. The Democratic Party, overall, did a mediocre job of getting out the vote. Bradley was also criticized for not energizing his African-American base.

In the end, black turnout was lower than expected — the higher-turnout model used by some pollsters could have skewed the poll results toward Bradley. In addition, some exit polls, according to the California Journal, revealed that the unpopularity of Jerry Brown, the departing Democratic governor who was running against Pete Wilson for the Senate, “rubbed off on Bradley.”

A far stronger case can be made for the impact of a “Bradley effect” in the 1969 race for Los Angeles mayor — when then-City Councilman Tom Bradley first challenged the conservative Democratic incumbent, Sam Yorty. Bradley finished first in a crowded primary, with 42 percent of the vote; Yorty came in second with 26 percent.

Before the head-to-head runoff. pre-election polls showed Bradley handily defeating Yorty. Then, in what was considered a major upset, Yorty won re-election, with 53 percent of the vote to Bradley’s 47 percent. Yorty succeeded, according to his biographer, John Bollens, by “riding to advantage a wave of fear, prejudice and reaction.”

Yorty portrayed Bradley as a Black Panther supporter and depicted the former cop as anti-police. The Political scientist Raphael Sonenshein wrote, “Yorty directly exploited white fears. His campaign ads ran in the real estate section of [San Fernando] Valley newspapers showing Bradley’s picture with the caption ‘Will Your City Be Safe with This Man?’”

Bradley took “a high road approach,” barely responding. In an election with record high turnout overall, Sonenshein observed, a hefty anti-Bradley vote coming from the San Fernando Valley, and dramatic shifts in support to Yorty “among whites, Jews and Latinos, were devastating” to Bradley’s chances.

Racism Review: White Guys and the Prospect of an Obama Presidency

Racism Review

White Guys and the Prospect of an Obama Presidency

In this recent piece in the New York Times, Paul Krugman compares Richard Nixon’s political strategy to John McCain’s, in particular, the central idea that:

By exploiting America’s divisions — divisions over Vietnam, divisions over cultural change and, above all, racial divisions — he was able to reinvent the Republican brand. The party of plutocrats was repackaged as the party of the “silent majority,” the regular guys — white guys, it went without saying — who didn’t like the social changes taking place.

Krugman’s piece along with Rush Limbaugh’s (”it’s all about race”) reaction to Powell’s endorsement of Obama  has me thinking about white guys and the possibility of an Obama presidency.   When it comes to white men and this election, it looks like there’s a pattern, as Joe has noted here before.   Of course, some white men are supporting Obama.  Indeed, where I live in the liberal-bubble that is Manhattan, I see a fair number of white men each day wearing Obama buttons (image from here).

White Guys & an Obama Presidency. On the face of it, there seem to be a lot of social advantages to being a white guy.  Yet, it seems that as a group, white guys are plagued by anomie.  Even as their income, education and occupational prestige are at all time highs, white guys are at higher risk for suicide than ever before, while suicide rates for blacks are declining.

Of course, some white guys will vote for Obama and wear their Obama buttons proudly while racism continues to play a role in voting behavior and political-button-wearing.   But voting behavior and the political-button-wearing are relatively small data points in a much larger, more complex picture (parts of which I sketched out above) about racism and racial inequality in the U.S.  While this campaign may be viewed by some on the left as a referendum on the intractability of racism,  it’s not the end of this particular system of oppression.   Come November 4th, I hope we’re all celebrating an Obama victory and an end to the long nightmare of the conservative movement.   If that happens, it will be an incredible victory for social progress and for people that care about all forms of equality, including racial equality.

And yet, even if there is an Obama victory and all the white guys start wearing Obama buttons, there is almost nothing in any of the policies or speeches that suggest an Obama presidency will take any significant action to dismantle structural or individual racism or racial inequality (despite fears on the right).  What I predict will change the most about racism under an Obama presidency is that the white guys wearing the Obama buttons will refuse to take racism seriously.

Racism Review: Politically Recycling the Great Divide

Racism Review

Politically Recycling the Great Divide

Recently the world has had the chance to observe the political maneuvering of presidential hopeful Sen. McCain’s political cohorts, who have produced loathsome mock ten-dollar food stamps with Sen. Barack Obama’s face attached to a mule alongside watermelon, Kool-Aid, barbecue ribs, and Kentucky Fried chicken; all of which are stereotypical to Blacks.

Hopefully no one has forgotten the Obama monkey sock puppet that was produced by a Utah based company. Recently, cronies within the Republican Party of Virginia have created and sent out mailers with a picture of a face that makes it difficult to determine if the person is Sen. Obama or Osama Bin Laden.
The mailer states, “America Must Look Evil in the Eye and Never Flinch.” The ambiguity between Sen. Obama and Bin Laden leads people down a dangerous path. Examples of the path are exemplified within the weight of the words of an elderly woman at a Minnesota McCain/Palin rally where she called Obama an “Arab.”

How about the death threats noted by the Secret Service at McCain rallies? Due to the media’s lack of attention to the depths of hatred displayed at McCain jamborees, few are privy to the racist sentiments at an Ohio McCain/Palin gathering where an Al Jazeera camera crew caught this exchange that Jessie posted earlier:

I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over. He’s not a Christian! This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?”
“When you got a Negra running for president, you need a first stringer. He’s definitely a second stringer.”
“He seems like a sheep – or a wolf in sheep’s clothing to be honest with you. And I believe Palin – she’s filled with the Holy Spirit, and I believe she’s gonna bring honesty and integrity to the White House.”

Jack & Jill Politics: If This Isn’t Voter Intimidation, I Don’t Know What Is (North Carolina)

Jack & Jill Politics

If This Isn’t Voter Intimidation, I Don’t Know What Is (North Carolina)

h/t Washington Times reporter who shot this video of McCain supporters heckling early voters in North Carolina. Calling them cheaters and generally acting nasty.

An organizer at the rally rattled off the addresses of early vote sites nearby that would be open after the event.

Photographer Joe Eddins and I headed over to the closest one and found a steady line of voters hoping to cast ballots early. Most seemed to be Obama supporters and several had come from the rally. Nearly all the voters were black.

Also at the polling site was a group of loud and angry protesters who shouted and mocked the voters as they walked in. Nearly all were white.

As you can see from these videos, no one held anything back. People were shouting about Obama’s acknowledged cocaine use as a young man, abortion and one man used the word “terrorist.” They also were complaining that Sundays are for church, not voting.

see full article from reporter

There’s one Obama supporter in the crowd, who unfortunately got his facts wrong about Obama (claiming Obama is a veteran). Check it


Newsweek: The Moderate Voice: Subtext and Liberals


The Moderate Voice: Subtext and Liberals has a great conversation between Daniel Larison of the American Conservative and Eli Lake of the lamented New York Sun, on the tactic among liberals to draw hidden meanings from McCain ads (e.g.; the celebrity ad with Britney and Paris-white-women-paired with a picture of Obama) and things supposedly said at McCain rallies. I think the conversation is important because as Eli Lake says, it tends to demolish the plain meaning of speech, or at least the speech coming from conservatives. If every comment uttered by conservatives is deemed racially suspect, then it makes it hard, if not impossible, for conservatives to honestly criticize Obama on any issue

Think Progress: Gallagher on Powell’s endorsement: ‘Race is the factor I think that drives much of this.’

Think Progress

Gallagher on Powell’s endorsement: ‘Race is the factor I think that drives much of this.’

Responding to former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), right-wing talker Mike Gallagher declared on his radio show today that “race is the factor I think that drives much of this” because Powell is “enamored and in love with the concept of a black man being president of these United States.” Gallagher then suggested that Powell might not “have the intellectual capacity to, you know, make a distinction and realize the difference” between Obama and the “long list of black Americans who would make fine presidential candidates.” 

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Powell’s endorsement “was totally about race.” Powell, however, rejected such claims on Meet The Press yesterday, saying, “If I had only had that in mind, I could have done this six, eight, 10 months ago.”