StopDog is taking a break!


The StopDog team is taking a hiatus, but we hope to be back for the policy debates that the presidential transition will bring.  In the meantime, we do want your feedback on what StopDog should do next!

How can we support more education around symbolic racism, and organizing and advocacy..ya know, help community organizers govern?

6 Responses

  1. It’s seems that Obama’s victory might very well divide us more than ever before. Surprisingly it’s not his opponents that are broadening the division but his supporters.

  2. I agree with Roschelle, and find the blame game over the passage of Prop 8 to be filled with racism and religious intolerance. There will be much to follow as the competition between oppressions becomes more public and we need to find ways to talk about justice that don’t just allow for difference (religious, ethnic, racial, sexual orientation) but embrace it as a sign of truly pluralistic democracy. In religious terms, as we build beloved community. There is a long road ahead.

  3. Learning tons. Thanks for starting this blog!

  4. I recently was tipped to this blog site…where are y’all at? I’d love to support and give substantive comments to your posts. Have you stop fighting for justice? If you haven’t a specific area or direction, you can always comment and make suggestions for conversations on my blog:

    I’d love to hear for you all and I hope things on this site get back up and running!!

  5. The need for Stop Dog continues beyond the election. Witness the ongoing saga from conspiracy theorists who question Obama’s citizenship, and by definition his qualifications to be President. They are currently being treated as the nuisance they are, but this drumbeat also taps into a deeply racist strain in this county.

  6. Thanks for your comments; we are trying to figure out how to keep StopDog up and hone in on upcoming policy debates, without the full-time attention that the electoral season demanded. Once we figure it out, we’ll send a notice via facebook and twitter, and we hope you’ll come back and lend a hand!

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