Ta Nahesi Coates: One other point on the Obama caricature

Ta Nahesi Coates

One other point on the Obama caricature

Affirmative Action. Dig this quote Andrew plucked out:

We’re all wondering why Obama is where he’s at. How he got here. Everybody in this room is stunned we’re in this position.

Let me posit a working theory here–if you truly believe that black people get a leg up in this society, that Barack Obama is only where he is because he got into Harvard Law because of east coast elites favoring him over some salt of the earth hard-working white guy, then you would be stunned. I don’t think the AA piece works solo, but it does work in consort with all the other factors I listed below. Basically the word has been–from McCain down–Obama is not worth you respect, or your concern.

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