CSI talking points on race, housing and stimulus

With the federal economic stimulus bill out of Congress and signed by the President, CSI has prepared a second set of talking points intended to ensure that stimulus funds are distributed equitably, and address the needs of communities of color.

Communities of color are especially vulnerable in challenging economic times and it is critical that we implement the stimulus in a way that recognizes this. These talking points examine the role that race played in creating the financial crisis, and the need to address subprime and predatory lending and the lack of affordable housing for communities of color.  This will not only address the needs of these communities, but hasten recovery: research has shown that lifting up the poorest among us actually benefits us all.

We hope that these talking points will be used by advocates working at the state level to ensure that implementation of the stimulus bill.

One Response

  1. Thanks, keep fighting a system that is top down with particular pressures and theft of Black people and nations. Racism is used (by incorporating it into History books, religions) to pacify the Blacks and give most whites an excuse not to feel bad about African starvation, AIDS in Africa, American/European communities that fail Blacks in educational institutions and hospitals, jails, courts.

    Fortunately, people of all colors are wakingup to the hidden system controlled by the GLOBALISTS that control all world FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS, THE IMF, WORLD BANK, UNITED NATIONS and everything we eat. The present FLU outbreak, Economic downturn, etc were PLANNED.

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