Connecting the Dots: Undecided as Code

Connecting the Dots

Undecided as Code

Somewhere in the higher-than-usual percentage ofundecided voters in the late stages of an almost two-year campaign are those who can’t or won’t vote for an African-American candidate.

The good news for Barack Obama is that, as his lead in the national polls grows toward double digits, it may, as gamblers say, “cover the spread.”

Michelle Obama recently dismissed the Bradley Effect by pointing to the primary vote that gave her husband the nomination, but that overlooks the late surge by Hillary Clinton among white voters in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Rep. John Murtha, in his usual blunt way, recently pointed out that race matters.

A critical question about such voters may be, How deep does their “indecision” go? Is it virulent enough to make them choose McCain or just skip voting entirely? Since many of them are among those most worried about the sinking economy, the answer may be a test of self-interest against deeply held prejudice.

In any case, on Election Night, we will learn something about how far America has come on the subject of race since the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


Media Matters: KSFO’s Rodgers falsely claimed Obama “admits in one of his own books” that he would “stand with the Muslims” against “the Western world”

Media Matters

KSFO’s Rodgers falsely claimed Obama “admits in one of his own books” that he would “stand with the Muslims” against “the Western world”

Summary: KSFO’s Lee Rodgers falsely claimed Sen. Barack Obama “admits in one of his own books” that “in case of a confrontation between the Western world and the Islamic world, he will stand with the Muslims.” Rodgers’ assertion recalls a similar allegation in a chain email that has been previously debunked. As documented, while discussing “my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans” in The Audacity of Hope, Obama wrote: “[T]hey need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Media Matters: Savage: “Why should a welfare recipient have the right to vote? They’re only gonna vote themselves a raise”

Media Matters

Savage: “Why should a welfare recipient have the right to vote? They’re only gonna vote themselves a raise”

Summary: On his radio show, Michael Savage asked: “Do you think a person on welfare has the right to vote? I don’t.” He later added: “Why should a welfare recipient have the right to vote? They’re only gonna vote themselves a raise.”

ABCNews: Daily Tracking Poll: Three in 10 Plan Early Vote, Favoring Obama By Wide Margin


Daily Tracking Poll: Three in 10 Plan Early Vote, Favoring Obama By Wide Margin

This poll also finds much broader comfort with Obama’s race than with McCain’s age. High-level enthusiasm among Obama’s supporters exceeds two-thirds for the first time, an unusual level. And most critically, Obama leads by 18 points in trust to handle the economy, the central issue in the contest.

McCain’s Age a Bigger Factor Than Obama’s Race

The dynamics of age and race are a continuing undercurrent in the election, and one in which Obama continues to fare better.

Ninety percent of likely voters say they’re comfortable with his being the first African-American president, 76 percent “entirely” comfortable. But they divide 50-49 percent on comfort with McCain taking office at age 72 — and on that just 30 percent are entirely comfortable.

On the flip side, while 5 percent are entirely uncomfortable with Obama as the first black president, more, 26 percent, are entirely uncomfortable with McCain’s age — about what it’s been recently, but up from 19 percent just after the Republican convention.

These views are highly partisan.

But independents divide 50-50 in their comfort with McCain’s age, vs. 88-9 percent in their comfort with Obama’s race.

Washington Independent: ‘Real’ Pennsylvanians & the Murtha Backlash

Washington Independent

‘Real’ Pennsylvanians & the Murtha Backlash

Longtime Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Johnstown, Pa., is still revered in many circles for speaking out early against the Iraq war. But conservatives think he might be vulnerable this year because of his recent observation that “there is no question that Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”

Murtha was explaining why he thought Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, faced a tough fight in that part of the state — though he expected Obama to win Pennsylvania. Later, Murtha inflamed voters even more when he noted that he actually meant to say people in his district were ” redneck” rather than “racist.”

Republicans were quick to jump on his remarks. Sen. John McCain, the GOP presidential nominee, cited Murtha’s remarks at a rally this week in Moon, Pa. McCain mangled his delivery a bit, but still managed to declare that “Western Pennsylvania is the most patriotic, most God-loving, most patriotic part of America.”

Little Green Footballs: Reuters: Racism Everywhere, Yet Sporadic and Isolated

Little Green Footballs

Reuters: Racism Everywhere, Yet Sporadic and Isolated

The mainstream media are absolutely relentless with this overblown nonsense: Ugly election incidents show lingering US racism.

Now there’s an unbiased headline.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Reuters) – Two weeks before an election that could install the first black U.S. president, scattered ugly incidents have reflected a deep residue of racism among some segments of white America.

A cardboard likeness of Barack Obama was found strung from fishing wire at a university, the Democratic presidential nominee’s face was depicted on mock food stamps, the body of a black bear was left at another university with Obama posters attached to it.

Though the incidents are sporadic and apparently isolated, they stirred up memories of the violent racial past of a country where segregation and lynchings only ended within the last 50 years.

So let’s recap. In the world of Reuters, a tiny number of scattered, sporadic, isolated incidents proves that there is a “deep residue of racism” among white Americans.

How do they look at themselves in the mirror after writing such garbage?


Nashville Post Politics: The NRA Is Completely Racist

Nashville Post Politics

The NRA Is Completely Racist

So says Bob Krumm

UPDATE: Braisted has some thoughts.