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If you have any tips, suggestions, links, photos, videos or any other helpful resources, let us know by emailing SpotlightOnRace@gmail.com.

We need volunteers to follow any number of beats–racial or ethnic groups, regions or states, issues, ballot initiatives, or specific races, or to do any number of other important tasks.  All you need is some time, a computer, and a desire to help. Want to help?  Contact us at SpotlightOnRace@gmail.com.

15 Responses

  1. I think this is great work – keep it up!

  2. Larry King asked Chris Rock tonight if he thought “the menu would change” at the White House if Obama wins.

    When Tiger Woods won the Masters, Fuzzy Zoeller cracked a “menu” joke because the Master Champion picks the dinner for the next year’s big pre-tournament dinner.

    Classic Dog Whistle, Pavlov, racism.

  3. THE RACE CARD — for me the most stinging example of dog whistle racism.

  4. I guess you would consider all our illegal alien activity racism then.

    I guess you would consider all our get tough on crime as racist then.

    Apparently you adhere to the same sewage as most liberal groups.

    We will never ………… ever stop the fight for this nation and the values that founded it.

    May God deliver our enemies, both abroad and at home, into our hands.

    Gee, I hope that was racist.

  5. “We will never ………… ever stop the fight for this nation and the values that founded it.”

    Values such as slavery? Gender inequity? Genocide? Imperialism?

  6. For another perspective: 15 Fakist Reasons to Vote for McCain and more at http://www.fakists.com

  7. hey stop-doggers,
    thanks SO much for putting all of this in one place. it is so important now,as we are wading through all of this info, and i think the site will be a great resource in hindsight also, as we all seek to understand exactly how things went down.

    The call by John Lewis is great, thanks for giving it more exposure. what is happening at those rallies is truly chilling, and reminds all me that even after ThatOne wins, our work will be just beginning…

    Praying for all of us,

  8. please check out the “Asian Vote”

  9. I would like to send an attachment to you. It is a racist bumper sticker that was distributed at the RNC. Please send me an address where I can include an attachment.

  10. I would like to help counteract the disgusting use of racism in this election.
    I can travel to swing states if needed. I live in Oakland Ca.
    Good work.
    Joseph Liesner

  11. Will you do a quick study: per capita racism by state vs McCain vote? I am curious to see if there is a relationship. Email me or post it on your site.

    racism metric could be hate groups (see southern poverty law center) or some other that I don’t know about.


  12. Was recently made aware of your efforts and am writing to applaud them!

    I am a middle-aged white-looking man, raised as white, then discovered at age 32 that I have an African-American father whom my mother had never told me about. I wrote a one-man play which I have been touring around the country for the past 4 years to colleges, high schools, performing arts centers, and theaters – engaging audiences young and old, black and white in post-show discussions about race and & identity. Audiences have loved the show (and discussions!) and it has been an extremely rewarding experience for me and audiences. You can visit the website for touring info at: http://www.incognitotheplay.com/documents/when.html
    or you can add comments to the blog at:

    I will say one thing about having discussions about race online; The internet is not always the best place to engage as this is an anonymous forum where people can write (or rant) without impunity. Therefore, I encourage everyone to take it beyond this cyberpage and engage people face to face. More difficult to be sure, but much more satisfying, worthwhile, and productive.

    Thanks for your time.

    Michael Fosberg
    Incognito, Inc.

  13. Let me recommend the attached article from Nebraska StatePaper.com for republication here, and everywhere else. It involves a newly enacted law in Nebraska which the governor and lawmakers hail as a step toward barring the employment of “illegal aliens” from any jobs where state or local government contracts are involved. It also purports to deny benefits to any “illegal immigrants.” It includes reaction from the director of the department of Latino/Latin American studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. We commend it to your attention, and invite everyone to link to it.


  14. I’m a Member/Graduate of ROCNY, and lately I’ve heard that despite President Obama’s Worldwide popularity, there is also a rise in both hate groups like the
    Klu Klux Klan AND ‘paranoid groups’ like The Minutemen. Do you have any
    stats on this? Moor importantly, WHAT can be done to combat this?

    Please get back to me ASAP.



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