Keloland: Our First African American President?


Our First African American President? 

Tying Obama to Ayers may be fair or not, but only in Bizzaro world does it have anything to do with race.  Likewise, pointing out that Congressional attempts to advance minority home ownership had something to do with the subprime loan crisis is perfectly legitimate point, if you care about causes and consequences. 

The truth is that Republicans have been scrupulously respectful of Obama when it comes to race, and that matters.  No doubt there are some Americans who won’t vote for Obama because of his skin tone, just as there are a lot of African Americans who are voting for him because of that same reason.  But most of us, obviously, are making our mind up on other grounds, and that matters. 

If you think that Obama is a bad investment, I say I agree, but I also say: trust in the Constitution of the United States.  It survived a civil war.  It will survive this.  And if Obama does win, can we not say that there is no office in the land that is not open to our African American citizens?  Republicans have no inclination to use the race card.  Maybe the Democrats will be forced to abandon it as well. 

Human Events: A Deck Full of Race Cards

Human Events

A Deck Full of Race Cards

There are many ways to play the race card.  One way is to exploit ancient prejudices and stereotypes of one race as inherently inferior to another.  John McCain knows that one well.

He was the improbable victim of racism eight years ago when it was suggested to some South Carolina voters that he had fathered a black child out of wedlock. In fact, McCain’s adopted daughter, Bridget, is from Bangladesh.  It’s the type of racism employed by the David Dukes of the world, and it diminishes us all.   

But there is another way to play the race card, and it is just as pernicious and hateful as the first.   It turns any disagreement with liberals into an issue of race rather than a difference of opinion.  And it’s being played by the political Left with increasing frequency as Election Day draws near.  Three examples this week illustrate the extent of the smear. 

Sen. McCain too has been the target of the Left’s use of race as a weapon to cut off debate.   McCain’s reference to Obama as “that one” during Tuesday night’s debate was taken by a number of leftwing journalists as proof that McCain is running a dishonorable campaign.  Maureen Dowd, for instance, accused McCain of using the term in order “to warn that white Americans should not open the door to the dangerous Other.”

To suggest that either McCain or Palin is racist is absurd and completely unfounded.  But in politics, perception is often reality.  Which is perhaps why Whoopi Goldberg recently asked her co-hosts on The View whether under a McCain presidency there would be a return to slavery. And it is why Philadelphia Daily News columnist Fatimah Ali predicted that if Obama loses to McCain, Americans can expect “a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness — and hopelessness.”

Bob Krumm: Who’s race-baiting whom?

Bob Krumm

Who’s race-baiting whom?

Any time an opponent of Barack Obama has the temerity to criticize him, as predictable as the daily solar rise in the east, you can expect to be accused of racism.  Nashvillian Sean Braisted isn’t one to disappoint. 

Let’s briefly review the record

Barack Obama abused race to benefit a corrupt organization (ACORN).  He never supported Republican calls for common sense regulations of two now-bankrupt companies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).  In exchange for his support hiding those companies’ insolvency, he received tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions.  And when the house of race cards he helped build, came crashing down upon the American taxpayer, he flat-out lied and said that it was Republicans who prevented common sense regulations that caused the mess.  He and his party created the problem, and he now thinks that he can get away with sweeping his blame under the rug of American disgust with President Bush.

When black Congressmen tell white Congressmen that their (now obviously very real) concerns about the liquidity of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are a “political lynching,” who is race-baiting?

If there 

Nashville Post Politics: Tired Of The Race Race

Nashville Post Politics

Tired Of The Race Race

Sean Braisted is apoplectic at the racial dynamic developing in regards to our current economic crisis:

When the economic fiasco started going down a few months ago, I thought that there wouldn’t really be any way for racial divisions to be exploited in a problem so clearlydeveloped in New York and Washington institutions.Damn, its been interesting to see myself proven wrong. Thankfully though, it seems fairly isolated to a group of race-baiting conservatives and their huddled masses listening on the radio and watching Fox News…we’ll see if that virus spreads elsewhere in the coming weeks. Luckily, one mainstream news organization has the cojones to challenge the rightwing hate machine, and they have pretty well evicerated the memes being promoted by the Dixiecrat descendants.

PrezVid: With Friends Like These . . .


With Friends Like These . . .

Reverend Wright might be off-limits to the McCain campaign, but not to a PAC called Our Country Deserves Better. This 60-second spot says Obama’s BFFs are the good Reverend, William Ayers and disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. (Admit it, you miss seeing those classic Reverend Wright rants.)

Sound Bite: “Sorry Senator Obama, but if this is the kind of change you want for America, you can keep the change.”


Newsweek: Outside The Beltway: Obama Losing Whites, Winning the Election?

Newsweek: Outside The Beltway

Obama Losing Whites, Winning the Election?

Matt Yglesias points to a new ABC/WaPo survey showing the racial breakdown in the presidential race: Among all white voters, McCain leads Obama by 7 points, 52-45 percent; that, however, is a bit less than the average Republican advantage among whites in presidential elections. Obama makes it back with 95 percent of blacks, as well as clear majority support among Hispanics. Ezra Klein notes that, if this holds, it’ll mean that McCain will simultaneously win whites and lose the presidency. He fears this will lead to lingering questions of legitimacy and goes to great pains to argue that a coalition of minorities with a large number of white is just as legitimate as one with a majority of whites and relatively few minorities.

RedState: Where’s Obama’s proof of citizenship?


Where’s Obama’s proof of citizenship?

Both presidential candidates have been accused of not meeting the Constitutional requirement that only “natural-born” citizens hold the presidency.

Last month a federal judge threw out a lawsuit seeking to remove John McCain from the California ballot because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone:

Judge William Alsup of Federal District Court ruled late Tuesday that the law at the time of Mr. McCain’s birth automatically granted citizenship to offspring of American citizens.

Mr. McCain’s parents were both citizens when he was born on Aug. 29, 1936, in the Panama Canal Zone, an American territory where his father was stationed with the Navy.

Obama still faces a legal challenge to his constitutional eligibility to be president. A lawsuit, Berg v. Obama, brought by Philip J. Berg, a Philadelphia attorney, alleges Obama is not eligible to be president.

Instead of producing records proving Obama is a natural born citizen, Obama and the Democratic National Committee have filed a motion seeking a protective order to block production of documents until a motion to dismiss is the law suit is ruled on by the court. Obama and the Democratic National Committee also claim attorney Berg has no standing – has no right – to bring the lawsuit.

What is it that Obama and the Democratic National Committee are trying to hide? Why not just produce documents that prove Obama’s citizenship and make the lawsuit go away?