Obamaforgery.com: Heard the rumors about Barack Obama’s Citizenship? These are the facts.

The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan (1-17-09)

Mark Frauenfelder calls this Obama citizenship video “unintentionally funny.” The Dish concurs. The salient Snopes page is here

2 Responses

  1. Hey, are you guys awake? How about the Rush Limbaugh quote “We are being told that we have to hope (Obama) succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles, bend over forward, backward, whichever, because his father was black, because this is the first black president.”

  2. Can any of this be considered ojectively the truth?
    Everything is adversarial, everyone is taking a side.
    What next, the replay of the French Revolution ?
    are you all insane ? The greater good must not
    take a side and teach ojectively, a know that propaganda, like pornography, is something you
    know as soon as you see it.

    Can everyone on the left be angels and all those
    on the right are demons ? Since when ? Whom
    do you seek, the wise or idiots / You seem to
    need useful idiots as much as any other partisan
    group, right or left, up or down or any other direction
    in the cosmos.

    If you are able to point a finger, stand in front of
    a mirror and begin with yourself. What is wrong
    with you. The ‘others’ you accuse, they are the
    flip side of your own mentality, those who take a
    side. Are you then gods ? Do you know the Mind
    of God ? Can you account for everything and
    assume supremacy in intellect or passion ?

    Why isn’t there a humility left in mankind. People
    who humbly do not know, but are hospitable,
    rather in some desparate race against the clock.
    If the world ends, what does it matter, if the entire
    life of man was chasing after the wind ? Why
    can’t we have teachers who genuinely are objective,
    and a media to match.

    So you not understand that in the dark ages the
    painters and artists depended on rich Patrons ?
    Do you not know that scientists, upon whom you
    value to speak new age truths, they depend upon
    the wealth of the same patronage in the world,
    and thus are compromised before they begin to
    teach you “truth” ?

    Where is skeptism that you are right in your basic
    premises ? Does the left hand not need to depend
    on the right hand to pray, or lift the heavy burden in
    life ? Has everyone gone to the Moon ? (Old song)

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