Capitol Annex: TX HD 107: Keffer Campaign Launches Racist Mailer Against Allen Vaught

Capitol Annex

TX HD 107: Keffer Campaign Launches Racist Mailer Against Allen Vaught


Pictures of an Hispanic man flashing a gang symbol, another Hispanic man in the custody of immigration officials, and an Hispanic male in a kitchen with a rifle adorn the lastest race-bating mailer sent out by ex-state representative Bill Keffer (R-Dallas) in his grudge match against State Rep. Allen Vaught (D-Dallas).




The mailer, which was paid for by Keffer’s campaign, alleges that Vaught says the illegal immigration issue is a “political gimmick,” but cites no source to illustrate that Vaught ever made any such statement.


Taegan Goddards Political Wire: Texans Confused About Obama’s Religion

Taegan Goddards Political Wire

Texans Confused About Obama’s Religion

Texas Politics Project: “When asked to identify Obama’s religion, 45 percent of respondents accurately identified him as Protestant; however 23 percent erroneously identified him as Muslim.”

OpenLeft: Race Boating: Swift Boat Backer Funds Racist Mail


Race Boating: Swift Boat Backer Funds Racist Mail

Swift Boat funder Robert Perry, a top national Republican donor, is funding overtly racist attack mail this cycle. It’s not Swift Boating. It’s Race Boating.

This is happening in the Houston area, down the road from Tom DeLay. George Bush’s hometown. While an African-American, Barack Obama, is the Democratic nominee for president.

Today’s Race Boaters aren’t like the Swift Boaters. They ARE the Swift Boaters. Bob Perry. Tom DeLay. Tom Craddick. The same people whose 2002 campaign funding scheme led toTuesday’s guilty plea from the Texas Association of Business, another organization with close ties to the Race Boaters. That plea came from the same investigation that led to the indictment against DeLay.


A group called “Empower Texans,” chaired by Tim Dunn of Midland, an associate of Republican Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, attacked Democratic state House candidate Joel Redmond of Pasadena with a direct mail piece featuring fuzzy images of black and Hispanic lawmakers (plus Barack Obama), several black birds resembling crows, and a picture of the white Redmund. The tag line:  “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Anyone with any racial sensitivity gets the meaning of the mailer:  Redmond has betrayed whites by befriending people of color. He can’t be trusted.


Booker Rising: McCain, The Republican Party, And The Black Vote

Booker Rising (9/21/08)

McCain, The Republican Party, And The Black Vote

I just got off a Republican National Committee conference call for black-oriented media to discuss the political landscape leading up to November’s presidential election. The conference call featured Michael Steele, GOPAC chair and former Maryland Lieutenant Governor; Rich Beeson, the RNC’s political director; and Shannon Reeves, the RNC’s director of state and local development. Each man made comments, and then took questions from the media.

Mr. Reeves’ comments focused on local efforts. He stated that black Republican candidates are getting a benefit from the overall increased black voter registration and highlighted three such candidates on the statewide ballot in Texas: Michael Williams, chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas; Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, and Texas Supreme Court Judge Dale Wainwright. “We are reminding folks that Obama is not the only African-American candidate on the ballot”, said Mr. Reeves. He also highlighted Abram Wilson, the mayor of San Ramon, California who is running to become the first black Republican in the California state legislature since the 1930s (Mr. Steele is apparently stumping hard on his behalf).