Funny or Die: Vote for Lando Calrissian! w/ BILLY DEE WILLIAMS

Funny or Die

Vote for Lando Calrissian! w/ BILLY DEE WILLIAMS

The race for leader of the Star Wars galaxy heats up with vicious attack ads from Emperor Palpatine.

ed note…if the stress is just too much, watch this to stop the hyperventilation..

The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisi Coates: Awesome-Sauce: Barack Obama revealed to be Barry 13X

The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisis Coates

Awesome-Sauce: Barack Obama revealed to be Barry 13X

So the new rumor is that Barack is actually the son of Malcolm X. No seriously. Dude look at the resemblance! And they actually have a very similar speaking style. Some may be tempted to see this as the event that will lose us the election. But I have a different take–Barack Obama isn’t black, he isn’t even biracial. Dig it–Malcolm’s grandfather was white. Barack’s mother was was white. So Barack isn’t really half-black–he’s about a third, tops. That has to be worth a few points in the polls, no? I think this news will swing Montana and Georgia.

Crminal Justice/Matt Kelley: More McCain on Crime – Willie Horton in 2008

Crminal Justice/Matt Kelley

More McCain on Crime – Willie Horton in 2008


Following up on yesterday’s post, here is more from John McCain on his legal priorities and his courageous stance against bad guys. In a post for tomorrow’s National Law Journal, McCain writes that “Senator Obama’s judges would coddle criminals. I will appoint judges who will hold criminals accountable.” This is the same “I’m tough on crime” froth that McCain is spewing in his Florida fliers.

McCain does say in the article that he would make it a priority to keep politics out of the Department of Justice – a worthy goal. Read his full post here.

And read the Wall St. Journal’s analysis here.

But the “coddling criminals” line is reminiscent of the Willie Horton ad credited with derailing Michael Dukakis in 1988. Floyd Brown, the same guy behind the Horton ad, launched a neo-Horton ad against Obama earlier this year (Brown’s National Campaign Fund PAC has also run ads alleging that Obama is a Muslim). And a YouTuber has taken it one step further in a video alleging that Obama could actually be Willie Horton. Some YouTube fun after the jump.


Have you ever seen Obama and Horton in the same place at the same time?

And the NCF’s actual attack ad, trying to make some sort of connection between Obama’s vote against an expansion of the death penalty in 2001 and murders that happened in Chicago. (Two years later, Gov. George Ryan would clear the state’s death row, commuting all sentences to life, after a slew of defendants were exonerated)



Jack And Jill Politics: Confederates for Obama

Jack And Jill Politics

Confederates for Obama


(ed note–i post a couple of dozen articles, videos and pix a day, and even I had to say wow!)

Race 4 2008: New 527 Ad and Hank Williams

Race 4 2008

New 527 Ad and Hank Williams

John McCain turns to famous Hollywood directors for help with his attack ads.

John McCain turns to famous Hollywood directors for help with his attack ads.

Gawker: Obama Suspends Campaign to Visit Ailing Racist Grandmother


Obama Suspends Campaign to Visit Ailing Racist Grandmother

Boy another stunt from the Obama campaign, it makes ussick. The radical Democratic candidate is leaving the campaign trail for “more than 36 hours” to head over to exotic, foreign “Hawaii” to look after his 85-year-old grandmother Madelyn Dunham, who is “gravely ill.” Mrs. Dunham raised young Obama for many of his childhood years, and she’s among the last of his immediate family left. As we all also know, Obama hates his terrible racist grandmother with a fiery angry black radical passion, because she is a racist.

We know this because in a frank and honest interview following his smart and important speech on race, he called her a “typical white person” because she is at heart a kind and good person who sometimes feels irrational prejudices. This enraged Geraldine Ferraro, and others. It was a punchline at The Corner for a good six months.