RedState: Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen’s DCCC makes $84,000 ad buy in attempt to save Murtha from himself


Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen’s DCCC makes $84,000 ad buy in attempt to save Murtha from himself

Two weeks ago, John Murtha (D-PA), the Vietnam veteran who is currently being suedby two former Marines for slandering them on national television as “cold-blooded killers,” let his “tolerant man of the people” mask slip and told his constituents outright what he thought of them: that they’re pathetic, dirty, unrepentant and unvarnished racists (video below).

Now, Congressional Democrat leaders are fighting to save his seat, dropping $84,000 on a Pittsburgh ad buy designed to smear Murtha’s Iraq war veteran Republican opponent worse than Murtha has already smeared himself.


Nashville Post Politics: Debunking The Debunking Of The Bradley Effect In Tennessee In 2006

Nashville Post Politics:

Debunking The Debunking Of The Bradley Effect In Tennessee In 2000

Via Sean Oxendine:

Now let’s look at the Tennessee Senate race a little closer, since this is often pointed to by Bradley effect skeptics as an example of a race where the Bradley effect didn’t occur. First, it is worth noting that Corker’s lead in the RCP average was certainly inflated by an outlying Mason-Dixon poll showing him up 12. If you remove that poll, you add two points to Ford’s polling average, and the break toward him is much less pronounced.

Regardless, let’s take a look at the white vote over time in Tennessee. SurveyUSA gives us a nice time-sequence of how whites said they planned to vote:

9/9-9/11: Corker 49%, Ford 44%

10/7-10/9: Corker 51%, Ford 44%

10/22-10/24: Corker 53%, Ford 42%

11/3-11/5: Corker 57%, Ford 41%

Final CNN Exit Poll: Corker 59%, Ford 40%

In other words, whites behaved exactly like we would expect them to behave with a Bradley Effect. It isn’t so much that Ford underperformed his polling among whites – though he did – it is that undecided whites steadily broke for Corker.

Media Matters: Savage on Obama: “America’s first affirmative action candidate about to become president”

Media Matters

Savage on Obama: “America’s first affirmative action candidate about to become president”

Summary: Michael Savage said Sen. Barack Obama “benefited from affirmative action, stepping over more qualified white men, I actually lost as a result of affirmative action, many times in my life. … [W]e have America’s first affirmative action candidate about to become president.”

Nashville Post Politics: Skinhead Sorry About Plot, Not About Racism

Nasheville Post Politics

Skinhead Sorry About Plot, Not About Racism

The family of one of the two skinheads accused of a plot against Barack Obama says the skins were just joshing:

Kayla Schlesselman said Tuesday at the family’s Arkansas home that she talked to her brother Paul and that “he’s sorry about everything he’s done.” He’s accused of hatching the plot with another teen in Tennessee.

She says her brother didn’t like their tiny community of Helena-West Helna because it was prominently black. She also says he believed he was the master race, and would say things like “white power” and “Heil Hitler.”

But the teen’s father, Mike, says he doesn’t believe his son would have carried out the plot and that it was “just a lot of talk.”

Nashville Post Politics: White Like Thee

Nashville Post Politics

White Like Thee

White voters respond differently to Barack Obama depending on where they reside:

Obama is outperforming any Democrat back to Jimmy Carter among white voters, getting 45 percent to McCain’s 52 percent. But in the South, it is a very different story. Obama fares worse among Southern whites than any Democrat since George McGovern in 1972.

Whites in the East and West tilt narrowly toward Obama (he’s up 8 and 7 points, respectively), and the two run about evenly among those in the Midwest. By contrast, Southern whites break more than 2 to 1 for McCain, 65 percent to 32 percent.

That stark divide is not simply a partisan difference. While white Democrats outside the South give Obama margins of 80 points or more, he leads by a more modest 65 points among white Southern Democrats. The Democrat is up 55 points among liberal whites in the region, far under his performance among those voters elsewhere, where he is up by 79 points.

Little Green Footballs: Obama in 1995: Rev. Wright is ‘The Best of What the Black Church Has to Offer

Little Green Footballs

Obama in 1995: Rev. Wright is ‘The Best of What the Black Church Has to Offer

In a 1995 interview, Barack Obama lavished praise on Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, calling him a “wonderful man” and “the best of what the black church has to offer.”

Jewish Journal: Move over, Willie Horton

Jewish Journal

Move over, Willie Horton

I just hope Peter Feldman isn’t Jewish.

In my parents’ New Jersey home, when the perpetrator of some awful act in the news was not yet known, I could always count on them to say, “I hope he isn’t Jewish.”

Peter Feldman is the McCain-Palin campaign’s communications director in Pennsylvania. 

I don’t know Peter Feldman, and the only mayhem he’s suspected of is metaphorical, and the drip, drip, drip of evidence against him is coming out in the court of public opinion, not in a court of law. I realize that politics ain’t beanbag, and I’m familiar with the riptides and undertows that can seize anyone working in a presidential campaign, especially an apparently losing one, in its final days. Still, for the sake of the reputation of Jewish ethics, and even for the sake of the reputation of Republicans, I sure hope he didn’t do last week what it kinda sorta looks like he did.

By now everyone knows that Ashley Todd, the 20-year-old McCain volunteer from College Park, Texas who told Pittsburgh police that a 6-foot-4 black man robbed her at an ATM machine and carved a backwards B on her face, has (in the words of a Pennsylvania prosecutor) “not insignificant mental health issues.” She made it all up.

But what everyone may not know is that before the contents of her allegation were fully known, let alone verified, it appears to be Peter Feldman – not the police – who told local reporters that her (fictional) big black assailant said to her, “You’re with the McCain campaign? I’m going to teach you a lesson.” 

Move over, Willie Horton.

The story begins last Thursday, when a reporter from Pittsburgh television station KDKA called the Pennsylvania McCain campaign after the Drudge Report — an online conduit for right-wing talking points — ran a big red banner saying, “MCCAIN VOLUNTEER ‘ATTACKED AND MUTILATED’ IN PITTSBURGH… MUGGER CARVED ‘B’ ON ME…” (If you think Drudge was tipped off by the Pittsburgh police, rather than by someone in the McCain campaign, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.)

According to KDKA News Director John Verrilli, it was Pennsylvania McCain spokesman Peter Feldman, in the absence of any confirmed facts, who told the media that the mugger saw a McCain bumper sticker on Ashley Todd’s car, and that the B stood for Barack. Mr. Feldman fed the same story to a WPXI-TV reporter, even though the assistant chief of the Pittsburgh police department’s investigative division later said, “We suspected [her story] was false from the beginning.”


South Florida Times: OPINION


Last week, the South Florida Times reported on the black people in Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s family. Shortly thereafter, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and other media outlets around the world did follow-up reports.

Among other things, our research confirmed that McCain’s family owned and operated a slave plantation in the Teoc community of Carroll County, Miss. called Waverly, during the late 1800s and beyond the turn of the century.

McCain’s ancestors were cotton barons. Archived records use “mulatto” and other terms to describe some of the enslaved Africans his family owned, thus documenting their mixed races. 

The black, white and mixed-race McCains, including Sen. McCain’s brother, Joe, and countless other family members host reunions in Teoc every other year. Sen. McCain, however, has never acknowledged his family there, and never attends the events, according to family members who have attended. He has not explained why.


Also, consider that the McCain campaign is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the racially controversial Richard Quinn, and his family’s companies. The Quinns are based in 
South Carolina, and operate political consulting firms. They publish the pro-Confederate, racially caustic, Southern Partisan magazine. Some of the articles published there can only be described as sympathetic, if not supportive, of the Ku Klux Klan. The magazine has published columns critical of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr., and other columns that praised David Duke and KKK leaders

South Florida Daily Blog: The Race Card

South Florida Daily Blog

The Race Card


-via Dependable Renegade

Chicago Sun-Times: Palin, McCain stir up storm of ugly racism

Chicago Sun-Times

Palin, McCain stir up storm of ugly racism

‘South Pacific” is a morality play for our time. Sarah Palin is the Ensign Nellie Forbush — an All-American girl as racist, this time a racist with her eye on the White House. She can stir up crowds to shout “Kill him!” at the mention of the presidential candidate of the other party a couple of weeks before the national election.

In the restaurant, before I walked over to the theater, all the conversations were about the election — New Yorkers speak loudly in their noisy city for fear they will not be heard. The common opinion was that they didn’t know enough about Barack Obama to make a decision about him — as if there were not two books about his life. That plea implies that they don’t know enough about him to accept his strange name or his skin color. It is, of course, impossible that they could ever know enough. He isn’t one of us.

It is all part of a plan cooked up by John McCain to turn the major issue in the election from the economy to the character of the Democratic candidate. At this stage of the contest, I don’t think “kitchen-sink strategy” (as in “we’ll throw the kitchen sink at him”) will change the outcome of the election. I don’t believe the polls that suggest a possible Obama landslide. Playing the race card explicitly merely guarantees what I have thought from the beginning — racism in this country precludes the possibility of a sepia-colored man becoming president. However, the last-ditch attack on him guarantees that McCain and Palin will be blamed as the candidates who were content to hear crowds calling for the death of Obama.

Ensign Nellie Forbush (the incomparable Kelli O’Hara) finds redemption at the end of South Pacific. She turns to her true love and escapes the obligation to wait for the enchanted evening on which he might suddenly might appear across a crowded room. For Sarah Palin, such an easy escape hardly seems possible. How can she ever justify silence when she heard a cry for lynching?

McCain increasingly acts like an angry, befuddled cancer survivor and treats his rival like a field n—– who is just barely human. He does not talk to him, will not shake hands with him, will not even look at him, walks behind him when he is speaking to distract the audience. Obama’s languid, legs-crossed security on the bar stool must infuriate McCain all the more. Who does he think he is? He has no right to run for president and McCain does. Has not he served his country all his life? Has not he traveled the whole world? Has not he been involved in every major event of the last four decades? Does he not know everyone who is worth knowing? And what does his rival have to offer besides intolerable arrogance? Black skin and glib language? Is not Obama the one who is playing the race card? Therefore he must be exposed as what he is — a pushy fellow with a glib tongue who has no right to challenge a great American like John McCain.