Nashville Post Politics: Skinheads, Sarah Palin and Bill Hobbs

Nashville Post Politics

Skinheads, Sarah Palin and Bill Hobbs

From the Tennessee Republican Party:

The Tennessee Republican Party expresses its shock and outrage today at the alleged plot by two neo-Nazi skinheadsin Tennessee to go on a shooting spree targeting African-American high school students before attempting to kill presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“Hate is not a political party, policy statement, agenda or ideology – it is a pure evil that no place in civil society,” said Robin Smith, Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party. “Whether it is neo-Nazi skinheads plotting a racist shooting spree targeting Sen. Obama, or West Hollywood liberals hanging Gov. Sarah Palin in effigy and calling it ‘art,’ or unknown anarchists tossing bricks through the windows of a county Republican headquarters in Murfreesboro, Americans of all political views should be outraged.

“The American system provides for Americans to express their political passions on the campaign trail and at the ballot box, Violence, intimidation and threats poison the political process.”

UPDATE: Ben Smith thinks the TNGOP is stretching.

AmericaBlog: “Keep The N*gger Out Of Office”


“Keep The N*gger Out Of Office” 

After a week of McCain supporters being incited to shout “kill him!” and “terrorist!” and “treason!“, a man in Louisiana was arrested for threatening to kill election officials. The Smoking Gun has his arrest report and mug shots. It seems his voter registration card was delayed, and he was insistent that he would bring his shotgun to their office and kill them if they didn’t hurry up because he needed to “keep the n*gger out of office.”

Look at the photo. Does America really want to be that one?