Blue NC: North Carolina: A Snapshot of Modern Day Race Relations?

Blue NC

North Carolina: A Snapshot of Modern Day Race Relations?

Does anyone know what is going on in North Carolina? It seems that each day I’m shocked more than I was the previous day. First there was Barack Obama’s stop at Fayetteville’s Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken on Sunday. Let’s just say it didn’t exactly provide an image of racial equality and fellow Americans living as one in hopes of furthering the common good.


Not exactly a picture of race relations in North Carolina that would make you proud. In 2008, people are proud of a black man for going into the hostile white eatery rather than the more friendly black eatery nearby. Come on North Carolina. That has to be a joke. Right?

Then, Sunday there was that whole “Obama Bear” incident at Western Carolina University that prompted James to begin collecting firearms. (By the way James – probably a better idea to take a deep breath.)

Then, today we get the icing on the racism cake. Think Progress has a couple of videos of a decent size group of white McCain/Palin supporters protesting and shouting at a large line of people (almost entirely black) waiting in line to vote early this past Sunday. Here is Think Progress’s description of the scene:


On Sunday, the Washington Times’s Christina Bellantoni stopped by a polling place in North Carolina, where she reported that a “group of loud and angry protestors” — almost all of whom were white — were shouting and mocking voters — nearly all of whom were black. Bellatoni noted that people “were shouting about Obama’s acknowledged cocaine use as a young man, abortion and one man used the word ‘terrorist.’ They also were complaining that Sundays are for church, not voting.”

Everyone should watch the videos. Then, if you’re like me, you’ll probably watch to watch them again to make sure you’re really seeing what you think you’re seeing. Shouting at people standing in line to vote? Does that really happen in North Carolina? Correct me if I’m wrong – this is 2008, not 1957. Right? As with most of you, one image comes to mind when I see all of these events unfolding:



AmericaBlog: McCain hires racist who told voters McCain’s daughter was a “black baby” in 2000


McCain hires racist who told voters McCain’s daughter was a “black baby” in 2000

Interesting that McCain is interested in the skills of a slime merchant who peddles racism. Now that’s hate you can believe in. From ABC’s Jake Tapper:

ABC News has learned that Warren Tompkins, one of the strategists of then-Gov. George W. Bush’s South Carolina campaign in 2000 — which Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blamed for his family being slimed — is now a part of the McCain-Palin campaign team, albeit in an “unofficial” role.

Tompkins, a protégé of Lee Atwater, has been dispatched to North Carolina to assess the state for the McCain-Palin campaign, Southern GOP strategists tell ABC News…..

The news of Tompkins being brought on board the McCain campaign brings to a total of three the number of GOP operatives McCain now is using despite the fact that he once held them responsible for the ugly campaign that contributed to his South Carolina primary defeat, a campaign in which McCain’s wife Cindy was attacked for her past addiction to painkillers, and the McCains’ adopted Bangladeshi daughter Bridget was targeted as his illegitimate black baby….

Eight years ago, of course, McCain was much chattier on the subject of these types of calls.

“A lot of phone calls were made by people who said we should be very ashamed about her, about the color of her skin,” McCain told one interviewer. “Thousands and thousands of calls from people to voters saying ‘You know the McCains have a black baby.’ I believe that there is a special place in hell for people like those.”

Now the people who slimed McCain’s own daughter have a special place in John McCain’s campaign. Way to defend your kid.

RedState: Kay Hagan Supports Atheists and Segregationists. Only in North Carolina, Folks.


Kay Hagan Supports Atheists and Segregationists. Only in North Carolina, Folks.

Yesterday, I pointed out how Kay Hagan and the Godless America PAC are connected.Hagan is running against Senator Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina.

To review: Godless America PAC wants to get all references to God off the money, out of the Pledge, and end Christmas as a federal holiday. One of their leaders got Kay Hagan to go up to Massachusetts for a big fundraiser with a bunch of atheists.

The Country Club didn’t allow black members until at least 1995. According to Michael Riley, writing in Time on June 25, 1990, “”Signs of separation persist in the city’s neighborhoods, nightclubs, gazes and words. A perspiring black man, nattily dressed in suspenders, white shirt and a hat, pushes a mower across a lush lawn just yards from the elite, whites-only Greensboro Country Club.

Jack Scis, writing in the News & Record on April 6, 1995, noted, “Greensboro Country Club may join other clubs in admitting African-Americans.”

This year, in The News & Observer, Kay Hagan told Rob Christiensen, “The Hagans sent their children to the private Greensboro Day School and the family is a member of the Greensboro Country Club, which she said is racially integrated.

Hagan just failed to leave out that she and her husband were members well before the County Club started letting black people through the front door. And you can get on Nexis yourself. You’ll find no record of Kay Hagan ever standing up publicly against the policy.

But you will find Hagan standing up with a bunch of atheists at a Massachusetts fundraiser held in her honor who want to get rid of Christmas and take “In God We Trust” off our money.

It’s all about priorities.

Washington Independent: A Sign of the Times?

Washington Independent

A Sign of the Times?

As Sen. John McCain’s motorcade arrived for a rally at Cape Fear Community College, this sign, featuring a photo of Osama bin Laden in between photos of a cigarette-smoking Sen. Barack Obama and Thomas Wright, a former North Carolina state legislator who was convicted of fraud, was on display outside the venue:

Bloomberg: Albert R. Hunt: Obama Gains as New South Trumps Old Race Card

Bloomberg: Albert R. Hunt

Obama Gains as New South Trumps Old Race Card 

Harvey Gantt is exuberant over Barack Obama‘s prospects of carrying Gantt’s home state of North Carolina: “This state has changed.”

Then he has a flashback. Eighteen years ago, the African- American Gantt, a former popular mayor of Charlotte, was leading Senator Jesse Helms in the polls. The Republican incumbent then began running a blatantly racist ad. Gantt lost.

“I am confident but leery,” Gantt, 65, says over a salad at a restaurant in downtown Charlotte, a city that is emblematic of the new North Carolina.

Former Governor Hunt also credits the Democratic presidential candidate: “The regular party white Democrats are comfortable with Obama; they appreciate and admire his cool and how smart he is.” Asked if he ever thought he’d see an African-American winning a presidential election in his home state, the 71-year-old Hunt replies, “I never expected a fellow like Obama to come along.”

Gantt, remembering what happened to him, has no doubt that the race card, subtly or not, will be played in the final weeks of the campaign. He doesn’t dismiss its emotional resonance.

Still, he believes that it’s going to be a harder sell in the current North Carolina: “There are fewer people in this state that can be exploited by that sort of tactic today.”

Latina Lista: One sheriff empathizes with his constituents, the other calls Mexicans “trashy”

Latina Lista

One sheriff empathizes with his constituents, the other calls Mexicans “trashy”

Here’s a tale about two sheriffs with two very different views of the communities they serve. One saw the hurt and panic of his constituents and made a bold stand. The other sees the hurt and panic of his constituents and feeds it with callous and inflammatory remarks.

Some will argue that any comparison between the two is like comparing apples and oranges. But in highlighting the differences in how both of these men treat their constituents, it underscores the fact that there are times when humanity takes precedence over rule of law. And it’s an official who can see the bigger picture that understands when that must happen.

Illinois Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart has taken the bold stand of refusing to evict anymore people from their homes in Cook County, which also includes the city of Chicago.

North Carolina’s Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell doesn’t hold any empathy for the Latino, or as he says, Mexican, residents of his community. In an interview with a local reporter last month, Sheriff Bizzell expressed his frustration with the local Latino community in no uncertain terms.

In private conversations, Bizzell reveals that his deeper concerns, and those of his constituents, are as much about changing demographics as about crime.”How long is it going to be until we’re the minority?” he said one night in August, as he drove the darkened streets of Smithfield.


Because of this fear of change, Bizzell didn’t mind being quoted in the same article saying “Mexicans are trashy,” or that they are “breeding like rabbits.”

He resents how some of the men get drunk and end up fighting with one another, never taking into consideration that anyone who is miles from home and family and whose days are spent working from dawn till dusk will take advantage of any outlet to ease their loneliness.

No, to Sheriff Bizzell Latinos disrespect him and his officers. How does he know this?

He demonstrated his point by waving, from inside his cruiser, to a man walking through a trailer park. When the man gave a blank stare, Bizzell said smugly, “See. They hardly ever wave back. It’s like you’re the enemy.”

Facing South: Election 2008: NC Senate race robo-callers send voters a mixed message

Facing South

Election 2008: NC Senate race robo-callers send voters a mixed message

In the last week, Kay Hagan — Democratic challenger to Sen. Elizabeth Dole for North Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat — has been hammered by critical robo-calls from two operations:Freedom’s Watch, a non-profit founded by GOP operatives in 2007, and the Free Enterprise Alliance, an offshoot of the Associated Builders and Contractors, whose PAC is the third-biggest contributor to Republicans in the country.

But instead of calling North Carolina voters, maybe the anti-Hagan robo-callers need to get on the phone and talk to each other. Because on at least one of the key issues Hagan is being attacked over — immigration — the two groups are sending voters a mixed message.

Last week, Freedom’s Watch — which, as a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization is not legally allowed to coordinate its efforts with a Senate campaign — started the robo-surge with a call that attacked Hagan for being soft on immigration:

“We all know illegal immigration is a serious problem across America, and in North Carolina, we’re playing host to as many as 500,000 illegal aliens,” a male voice says. “So what does Kay Hagan think about that? She opposes a program to find, track and deport criminal illegal aliens.”

The robo-call ends by telling the listener to call Kay Hagan and tell her “you want her fighting for North Carolinians, not illegal aliens.”

But don’t pick up the phone just yet — Hagan’s other robo-callers, the Associated Builders and Contractors, probably wouldn’t like it.

The ABC has backed a slew of calls that attack Hagan on unions and oil drilling. But with an estimated one out of four construction workers in the country being an immigrant, the ABC has been a fierce opponent of legislation to get tough on immigration.