Iowa Independent: King doesn’t trust Obama because of his upbringing

Iowa Independent

King doesn’t trust Obama because of his upbringing

Saying he is “uneasy” about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s background, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, speaking in Spencer said a baby being groomed for national leadership should grow up like George W. Bush, not Obama.

At the Spencer event in August, of which a video is available from Think Progress, King talked about how the Bush family is a better model than Obama’s. (The video was just posted on YouTube Oct. 26.)

“I look at this and I ask myself, if I had a baby and my charge was to raise that baby to be the president of the United States, I could see handing that baby over to, let me say, George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara, because there is multiple generations of American service there,” King said. “They must know how to do something. Look at how their kids have succeeded.”

King said there is much to learn from the Bush family.

“This is the way that we should raise future generations of children,” King said.

King said he has read some of Obama’s writings and is “uneasy” about his background. He then made a creepy reference to “briefings” King said he received about Obama.

“I have received briefings on the life of Obama,” King said.

Racism Review: Hoping for a Bradley Effect?

Racism Review

Hoping for a Bradley Effect?


Like so many others at this point, I’m suffering from election fatigue. Despite promising poll numbers, many argue that McCain shouldn’t be counted out .

After wondering why the heck McCain was continuing to campaign in places like Iowa and Pennsylvania, states in which Obama leads on average by double-digits (see this), there seems to be only one explanation: that the McCain campaign is hoping for the Bradley Effect, along with the Wilder Effect.

The former refers to whites lying to pollsters about supporting the black candidate while actually voting for someone else (i.e., the white candidate), while the latter refers to the remaining undecideds to break overwhelmingly for the white candidate. (Thus, it is more accurately called the “white racism effect.”)

In both RCP averages in those states, Obama’s raw score is above 52 percent, meaning that the Wilder Effect alone would be insufficient for McCain to win in those states. So why spend time campaigning there with such little time left before Election Day? Part of the explanation could be that they have nothing left at this point, but why ignore Colorado at this juncture? Turns out that they may be banking on the older white populations of Iowa and Pennsylvania (along with others like Florida and Ohio), while giving up on Colorado (the youngest state in the union). 


Think Progress: Rep. Steve King: Obama Will Make America A ‘Totalitarian Dictatorship’

Think Progress

Rep. Steve King: Obama Will Make America A ‘Totalitarian Dictatorship’

On Saturday, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) gave little-noticed remarks at Sioux City’s West High School during an appearance by Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK). King went beyond the traditional right-wing talking points — which brand Obama a “Marxist” who adheres to “socialism” — and said that he would turn the United States into a “totalitarian dictatorship.” From a reportby the Iowa Independent:

King, known for provocative, partisan remarks, suggested Obama actually could be classified as even more extreme than a socialist. King also said his party is the only one with a legitimate claim on representing freedom as Americans know it.

“When you take a lurch to the left you end up in a totalitarian dictatorship,” King said. “There is no freedom to the left. It’s always to our side of the aisle.”

Sioux City Journal reporter Bret Hayworth also reported that King said, “Obama is ACORN. … When I see Obama, I see ACORN branded on his forehead.” This wasn’t the first time that King fear-mongered about Obama. Speaking in Exira, IA on Aug. 21, King claimed that Obama was anti-American and raised by polygamists and “left wing hard core atheists”:

Obama was not raised with an intentional attitude toward Americanism. … The way to look at the reasons Obama doesn’t place his hand over his heart when the National Anthem is playing, or wear an American flag pin is primarily because he is not willful or spiteful, but because it just doesn’t occur to him because it’s not the way he’s been raised. American patriotism is not imprinted on his mind or in his heart, because he wasn’t raised as an American.