Politico: Ben Smith: Confederate battle flag, Obama yard sign

Politico: Ben Smith

Confederate battle flag, Obama yard sign


A house in Martinsville, Indiana, via my colleague Marty Kady.

Another reminder of how complicated this race stuff is.


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: The race card?

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

The race card?

Our picks for the Fort Wayne Community Schools board can be found here.

As expected, we’ve been accused on the Code Blue blog site of playing the race card in remarks concerning candidate Evert Mol.

Race can’t be overlooked in considering candidates in this contest. FWCS is one of the most diverse school districts in Indiana, with a minority enrollment of 46 percent. The percentage is increasing steadily.

It was President George W. Bush who coined the phrase “soft bigotry of low expectations.” A candidate who insists that black students are “weak” in math fails the fundamental test of expecting all students to achieve at high levels. FWCS students deserve board members who believe they can learn and will do all possible to help them succeed, not to write them off.

AmericaBlog: Indiana election official calls Obama “black Hitler”


Indiana election official calls Obama “black Hitler” 

Indiana is a key swing state. Her job is overseeing vote counts. This woman needs to lose her job, now. More from AP:

A Republican county election clerk distributed copies of an apparent chain letter referring to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as a “young, black Adolf Hitler” to two employees but later told police she intended it to be a joke….

Doug Lechner, Republican Party chairman in the county just south of Indianapolis, said the letter was unacceptable and taints Jackson’s ability to appear unbiased in administering this year’s election. County clerks are responsible for training poll workers, providing all voters an opportunity to cast their ballot without influence, and overseeing vote counts.

Even the Republicans agree that this woman is now tainted. She needs to be fired NOW.