USA Today: Immigration still a ‘political hot potato’ in Arizona

USA Today

Immigration still a ‘political hot potato’ in Arizona

During three presidential debates, the word “immigration” was uttered only once, according to a check of transcripts posted online by the Commission on Presidential Debates. In that one instance, McCain accused Obama of misrepresenting McCain’s position on the topic. There was no further discussion.

Brooks Jackson, director at Annenberg Political Fact Check, chuckles when asked about the lack of discourse about national illegal immigration. “It has not been an issue aimed at the larger electorate,” he says. Both candidates, he says, have run Spanish-language ads targeting Hispanic voters on the topic.

Why is it off the radar?’

By contrast, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio seeks re-election in the Phoenix metro area based largely on his effort to round up and deport illegal immigrants — an enforcement program condemned by Hispanic leaders and Mayor Phil Gordon as “racial profiling.”

Arpaio is the top law officer in a county that, at 9,200 square miles, is bigger than New Jersey, and has a larger population —3.8 million — than half of the states.

The sheriff mocks both presidential candidates for dodging the issue: “Where did it go? Why is it off the radar?” he says. “I’m not an expert on politics, but I think it has to do with (getting) the Hispanic vote.”

When asked for comment on the sheriff’s programs, Obama’s Arizona campaign spokesman David Cieslak, provided a campaign statement that said local immigration enforcement “can lead to unintentional discrimination against Latinos,” and illegal alien roundups are “divisive.”

McCain’s campaign did not respond to questions about the sheriff’s programs. Bruce Merrill, a pollster at Arizona State University, says the caution is understandable: Immigration is the hottest issue in Arizona next to America’s economic meltdown, and about seven in 10 registered voters strongly support Arpaio.

BlueNC: Pat McCrory: Hatemonger


Pat McCrory: Hatemonger

You can tell the PacMan is getting desperate. This email just came my way, courtesy of his hate-filled campaign.


Dear Newsmax Reader,

Gaston County, NC: A drunk driving illegal alien kills Scott Gardner, a school teacher, and critically injures his wife and two children. This alien, Ramiro Gallegos, had been previously arrested five times for drunk driving and never deported as a criminal. Nationally, 12 Americans are killed by illegal aliens each day. Those casualty rates are higher than those in Iraq. We are in a war at home and my opponent, regrettably, is on the wrong side.

In our first televised debate my opponent called for amnesty for illegal aliens, but she called it documenting undocumented immigrants. Her party’s platform has the radical notion that cops are too busy with parking tickets to handle arresting and detaining criminal illegal aliens.

According to FAIR, North Carolina taxpayers now pay for more than $771 million dollars in primary and secondary education because of illegal immigration’s impact. And it’s not just money that is being siphoned off from your children’s or grandchildren’s education. The quality of the education is going down.

I could not believe that we are using an honors world history textbook that says Ronald Reagan increased the tensions in the Cold War but didn’t have space enough to discuss Reagan’s role in defeating the Soviet Union so decisively that it collapsed.

No, that history text didn’t have space for Reagan’s role in world history but the text did have space for a Spanish glossary.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have Ronald Reagan than a Spanish glossary in our textbooks.

Worst of all, my opponent supports the policy of the State Board of Education (a board she votes on) forcing a higher standard for school registration on our fellow Americans than on illegals. That’s right. If a citizen registers their child for kindergarten, he or she must produce a birth certificate. All an illegal has to do is point to the child’s name and a date written in the family Bible.

We can’t have harsher requirements for the people who are here legally than for illegals.

I have worked hard to bring jobs to North Carolina. But illegal immigration is taking jobs from inner city youths who have fewer opportunities for entry level employment to start with. How would you like to be one of these kids who doesn’t get pregnant, works hard in school, doesn’t join a gang, goes to church on Sunday, but when they go down to the fast food restaurant, they are told we can’t hire you because we need bi-lingual employees.

It just goes on and on and it needs stop now.

As Governor, I will work to take away the incentives like in-state tuition for people who aren’t even supposed to be here that pull illegals into North Carolina. I’ll work to expand the 287g program to help local law enforcement arrest, detain and deport criminal illegal aliens.

Get tough on illegals with your wallet

My opponent has two ways to pay for attack ads. First, she is in the pocket of Big Labor and they are protecting their investment over the years by running large numbers of false and misleading attack ads against me. And if that is not enough, she can always write her campaign a personal check for millions.

In a previous race running for Lt Governor, Perdue ran ads portraying herself as the coal miner’s daughter that made good. Even the Left wing rag, the Independent, harshly criticized the ad because it forgot to mention that her daddy owned the mine.

I can’t defend myself alone against her millions and the deep pockets of the Big Labor bosses. I can’t write a million check or borrow it from my father. My only hope is citizens like you who are fed up with the corruption in Raleigh that comes from one party rule will send small contributions.

She has big labor on her side, but I have you, the people of North Carolina.

I need your help and the help of everyone you know.

I am daily under attack by big labor using secret 527 committees. The only way that I can get my message out is with generous contributions from citizens like you. Can you see your way clear to send $25, $50 or $100 today. Even $5 or $10 would help out.

Americans losing job opportunities can’t speak for themselves. I will speak for all citizens who want this mess to stop.


PS. My opponent talks a lot about change but has no interest in changing this dire situation. There are good changes and bad changes, right changes and wrong changes. Removing the magnets that draw illegals into our state is the right change for North Carolina

Latino Journal: Sheriff’s public racism against Hispanic immigrants causes stir

Latino Journal

Sheriff’s public racism against Hispanic immigrants causes stir

For years, Sheriff Steve Bizzell watched the number of illegal immigrants in his rural county skyrocket — and with it, he says, residents’ fear that the newcomers were responsible for more than their share of crime.

So he helped make North Carolina the first state where every county can team with federal authorities to train local officers to identify and track jailed illegal immigrants, speeding up the deportation process.

But in a newspaper interview last month, Bizzel complained that “Mexicans are trashy” and pointed to several children playing and said “All they do is work and make love.” Though he quickly apologized, his contrition wasn’t enough to ward off critics who call his comments evidence that the nation’s increasingly popular efforts to enforce immigration statutes locally have nothing to do with law and order.

“The chief law enforcement officer is demonstrating his racism in public, and he’s allowing his officers to do the same,” said Tony Asion, the executive director of nonprofit advocacy group El Pueblo and a retired Delaware state trooper. “It gives them the green light to treat Latinos any way.”

Minnesota Independent: Bachmann at CD6 debate: Undocumented immigrants bring “disease and violence”

Minnesota Independent

Bachmann at CD6 debate: Undocumented immigrants bring “disease and violence”

All but lost in the shuffle by her comments on Friday about “anti-American views” are Rep. Michele Bachmann’s controversial words about immigrants at last Thursday’s candidate’s debate. Speaking before a crowd of 100 at the St. Cloud public library, Bachmann sparred with DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Anderson, an unendorsed member of the Independence Party (the IP endorsed Tinklenberg). According to the St. Cloud Times, Bachmann again blamed programs that encourage home-buying among minority and low-income people for the current economic crisis. But Bachmann reserved her sharpest words for immigrants. She referenced an early 2008 car crash by an undocumented immigrant who hit a school bus near Cottonwood as proof of the need for stricter immigration laws.

Of immigrants unlawfully in the U.S., she added, “They’re bringing in disease and violence and every sort of difficulty. We need to protect ourselves against that.”

RedState: Obama Hit on Licenses for Illegals


Obama Hit on Licenses for Illegals

Barack Obama’s meandering, misleading, and confused answer on drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants was one of the highlights of the Democratic primary debates. Forced to choose between ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ Obama stammered and filibustered before finally answering ‘yes but..’. That position is overwhelmingly unpopular among American voters. A CNN poll last year showed that more than three-quarters of all Americans oppose the idea. That being the case, why has it taken so long to hit Obama’s unpopular stance on the issue?

The City Paper: Editorial: Opposition to English Only needs to be heard

The City Paper: Editorial

Opposition to English Only needs to be heard

Metro Councilman Eric Crafton wants to debate Mayor Karl Dean on the merits of the English Only proposal Nashville voters will address in a special election with a half-million dollar price tag.

Certainly, this city needs to have some kind of public discourse on the subject of whether or not Nashville should become the largest municipality in the country to make its government business take place only in English.

Then there is the flip side of the English Only equation, the much-less-organized opposition. Despite such political heft as the majority of the Metro Council, the mayor, most every consequential immigrant leader in the city and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the English Only opposition is not showing the same signs of life as the proponents.

That is disturbing. The city’s newspapers have reported on this brewing political battle ad nauseum — this one included. We have condemned English Only repeatedly on our editorial page, as have publications of every type citywide — print and digital.

America’s Last Stand: Obama’s radical plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens

America’s Last Stand (10/18/08)

Obama’s radical plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens