FOX News: Ralph Nader calls newly elected Barack Obama an Uncle Tom

FOX News

Ralph Nader calls newly elected Barack Obama an Uncle Tom

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  1. Us discerning people been taking the high road with this election. Sad for Nader’s legacy to end so bitterly…first with Cynthia McKinney now Barack…hard to be the people’s champion and still envoke racist epithets..

  2. I watched the Entire election results on Fox last night. I can’t rmemeber the last time i actually felt proud to be an american. It was probably sometime before George W. Bush became president, but, i really felt proud last night, I thought if John McCain had run his campaign the way he conceeded, i may have voted for him. His speach was truly awesome. Then Ralph Nader ruined it, what an pompas ass…

  3. Wow Fox really is a bunch of fools aren’t they? Where did Nader ever imply racism. If a black man questions his ability as president that must also be racist then.
    By saying this, Fox News just presented themselves as ignorant racists and has no right to denounce the end of anyone’s career.

  4. So here’s the thing, Nader screwed up, definitely. The FOX news people are the WORST Fing hypocrites to be the ones calling him on it, tho. Sad.

    The POINT Ralph made was actually a valid one, but his choice of “uncle tom” was stupid and made no sense. Someone thought it was “catchy”.

    And in the end I think this will have little impact on Nader anyway.

  5. His comment was very racial, ignorant and this is an example of the kind of people we have in office that have the AUDACITY to say..they make decisions for all american’s greater good. Really?

    And what if Mr. Nader actually had a chance at winning a presidency?

    Would he consider himself an ‘Uncle Tom’ if he decided to pass bills, and laws that would benefit minorities? Would he accept that?

  6. I agree poor choice of words for sure. But, it is not correct to say he “calls newly elected Barack Obama an Uncle Tom.” He said this was a choice Obama needs to make. If I said he has a choice to be a sell-out or a stand-stand up guy am I saying he is a sell-out? Nope.

  7. I can not believe how uninformed the American people are.
    Ralph Nador just told it like it is. Many black Civil Rights leaders feel the same way.
    10% of our people own 70% of America’s wealth & they control all politicians & our government & you make fun of Nador?
    Don’t forget Barack Obama went to Harvard.

  8. Right Nader lost the respect of his constituences a long time ago. Thinkin thats why he didn’t get the Green Party nomination.

    um Barack went to organize on the South Side of Chicago (currently our nation’s MURDER capital) left for Harvard than returned to the South side. And earned peanuts.

    Additionally, you are not equipped to speak for “many black Civil Rights leaders”. But you guys need to read some books…i suggest the life and times of Frederick Douglass, some Franz Fanon anything by the honorable Dr. Ivan Van Sertima…just to start.

  9. Nader did NOT call Obama an “Uncle Tom”!

    Does anyone know what “Uncle Tom” means? It’s the character from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” who sided with slave owners.

    Nader said Obama had a CHOICE to be an Uncle Sam, someone for all of the people, or an Uncle Tom, someone for the corporate masters. Something the overly melodramatic reporter didn’t let Nader say.

    It was a metaphor, people. Nader hoped for the best for Obama as President–and then stated some slightly erroneous facts. There’s the problem.

    And, it was on Fox.

    ~Obama Supporter

  10. “you are not equipped to speak for ‘many black Civil Rights leaders'”

    You mean the same way Fox isn’t equipped to make black people’s decisions for them? Seems to me they are implying that black people can’t make up their own minds…racist hypocrites.

  11. congratulations, Nader, for using controversy to make an important statement. is obama going to be a corporate/lobbiest whore [hey look, another dubious comparison]? Using the words uncle tom was very calculated and of course they are racial. But obama is intelligent enough to see past that and see Nader’s point, which is what’s important. Smith is the bully, smith is the extremist. Taking advantage of people’s ignorance and mob mentality and using Nader’s inflammatory comments to get viewers for the wrong reasons. Smith acted totally out of self interest but Nader was totally selfless.

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