BoycotOprahSponsors: Daily Dish API | Claims to be airing Michelle Obama Racist Tape today


Daily Dish API | Claims to be airing Michelle Obama Racist Tape today

[Editor’s note:  this feels like that movie Ground Hog Day. ]

API Counsel in the final stages in his arrangements to have Michelle Obama tapes aired

by africanpress on Nov 4, 2008

Notice to cancel the deal to air the Michelle Obama tape was send yesterday the 3rd of November to Fox News Network’s Senior Counsel Cassidy. API expected a reaction from Fox N.N but got none and that opens the way for API to look for other means to have the tape aired.

Now that API has got no reaction  from Fox News network, it is to be assumed that they are not ready to act tonight. API Counsel is now in the final stages in his arrangements to try and have Michelle Obama tape aired one way or another as soon as it is practically possible in collaboration with willing partners that he is now negotiating with as we go to press.

For us in API, we now have to leave things to the lead counsel who, together with his colleagues, will take all necessary steps so that the tape is released within the legal framework and in accordance with the laws of the United States.

After we issued the last bulletin informing the readers that API was cancelling the deal, some readers who would like to see the tape released immediately have been very critical on us. It is very important that when one is releasing sensitive information there is absolute need to be very careful because of the repercussions that may follow.

We should not forget that politics is a very deadly game and can hit back very hard on those who have information that may lead to disqualification of ambitious and non-ambitious candidates.

API, even through the pressure mounted has been high, had to thread very carefully. The tape contains highly sensitive information and what API and the legal advisers have been doing the whole day is to ensure API does not get hurt in the end or faced with many lawsuits to be initiated by those affected with the contents of the tape.

The fact that the legal team wants API to thread very carefully is because API risks being sued if when releasing the information is not careful enough in blocking any loopholes that enable those mentioned in the tape to take legal action.

This however, does not mean the tape will not be released. The people who do not want to believe,

– that API is speaking the the truth,

– that API has had agreement with Fox since the 28th of last month,

– that API is not lying to the readers, fooling any one, or trying to scam any persons, are at liberty to leave the site instead of complaining all the time and accusing API of malice.

Nobody is holding the legs of those complaining forcing them to come to the site here. Readers have a right to choose where to get information and if some readers do not believe in us and are only interested to call us Fraudsters, scammers and other dirty names, such people know only too well that they can decide not to visit our site at all. We will not miss them, if they do not visit this site at all, because they must not assume that their presence here is giving us any financial gains. Instead, we have to endure disrespect and abuse all the time, even after allowing non-moderation commenting system.

Some have become professional abusers on the site and some are professional doubters. When people call for the release of the tape, we understand them, but they should understand us as well when we tell them that we have to do so in a manner that does not kill API. To accuse us is that we may have written a letter to a non-existing Fox News Counsel is unbelievable.

We have communication between API and Fox News Network headquarters. If there was no truth in all this, we would have called it quit. The readers may become witnes to all the correspondence from the 15th October to the 1st of November between API and Fox News Network if the need arises.

To continue abusing me and calling me all kinds of names on earth does not make me stop what I am focused on. Those writing bad about me must now get it in their heads that calling me all sorts of names will not change the person I am and will not take my friends who know me away from me, because what is written by some readers about me is simply an attempt to discredit this site, a thing that they will not succeed.

I am not able to update the readers every hour now that the lawyers are working on the Case, but I will not relent until the tape is made public. In the finality of all this, API may end up asking for support from you, but for now the legal team have the control of things and they may not need any help from any one in putting their act together in seeing through what is to be done as immediate as possible.

My silence does not mean ignoring those who support API at this moment. It is just that the legal team have decided that they do the job because they are of the opinion that all I do is releasing a lot of inside information that may be used against API.

I would like to inform those who are against me and API, that when all this is over, despite their abuses, name calling and all the negative they have directed towards me, I will still remain here in API executing my duties deligently because I am a strong-will person who does not get shaken easily because I draw my strength from God who loves you and me.

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  1. I vote we give API the best scam of 2008 year award.

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