Booker Rising: When ‘Victory’ Seeds Betrayal

Booker Rising

When ‘Victory’ Seeds Betrayal

The Somali-Dutch moderate-conservative feminist and former Dutch parliamentarian is skeptical about a possible Barack Obama presidency and his relations with the Muslim world: “As the new US president, Barack Obama would at first have a honeymoon period with the Muslim world, a continuation, really, of the honeymoon he has already enjoyed as a black man rising to the heights of power in the most powerful nation on earth, America. But Obama has said he is determined to find and kill Osama bin Laden. He has said that the frontier in the war on terror is now in Afghanistan, a hotspot for jihadis since the 1970s, where he wants to send more troops. In other words, he would continue the Bush policy, only with more competence. In short order, this increased US presence and the collateral damage it would cause in Afghanistan and the region would end Obama’s honeymoon. It would remind the Islamists and their sympathizers across the Muslim world that Barack Obama would not act out of solidarity with people based on the color of his skin or because of his origins in Kenya, but as the commander-in-chief protecting American national interests above all. As a result, much of his popularity would vanish. Perhaps it would even fall to the level of George Bush. I’m sure many would come to think that Obama had betrayed them.”

The former-Muslim-turned-atheist pundit continues her commentary: “Barack Obama has also criticized Bush for ‘not talking to the enemy,’ particularly in Iran. So, the world would expect Obama to obey all the diplomatic traffic rules and follow all the procedures to try to persuade President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian authorities to abandon their project to build a nuclear bomb. But when Iran refuses to give up its bomb despite the eloquent entreaties of the new American president, Obama would be forced to act. So, after talking with Iran, he would likely end up at the same spot where Bush is. That wouldn’t make him very popular in Iran or with others who oppose America’s use of its military might. At the same time, the original impetus of Obama’s campaign was his pledge to withdraw from Iraq in 16 months. There is little doubt that if Obama were to actually implement this pledge, jihadis in Iraq and around the world, who see history in the millennial terms of the long fight against the Crusaders, would feel they are the victors.”

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