WSJ: Obama’s Aunt May Provide Fresh Dustup


Obama’s Aunt May Provide Fresh Dustup

Late Friday night the Associated Press citing “two separate sources, one of them a federal law enforcement official” reported that Obama’s aunt, a Kenyan woman named Zeituni Onyango, who has been living in public housing in Boston, is in the U.S. illegally after a judge turned down her request for asylum for years ago.

Obama and “Aunti Zeituni,” as he refers to her in his memoirs, don’t appear to be close. He doesn’t discuss the 56-year-old woman who is his half aunt on his father’s side at events or on the campaign trail as an influence on his life.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton says “Senator Obama has no knowledge of her status but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed.”

Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod told reportesr after a rally that “people are suspicious about stories that surface in the last 72 hours of a national campaign and I think they’re going to put it in that context.”

Immigration hasn’t been a central issue in the general election campaign but the reports could thrust it to the forefront in the final days of the race.

Obama supports a comprehensive immigration plan that would, according to his campaign’s website, “fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy.”

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