Today’s Race in the Race Call

Welcome to Center for Social Inclusion’s Race in the Race Conference call.

We’re on NOW!  Scroll down for speaker links…

Conference call information:

Date: TODAY, Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Time: 2pm EST (11am PST)

Call Number: 218-936-7999

Access Code: 813569

REMEMBER: listeners on the call are muted, so send your questions to at any point before or during the call. We want your questions!

Please note that this call will be recorded and posted to our website after the call is complete.

Here are some links we’ll review on the call.

1) What’s Dog Whistle Racism?

2008 Examples

2008 Themes

CRA caused banking crisis

Bradley effect

Obama othering





Ashley Todd




2) There’s a science to evaluating Symbolic Racism

Difference between racism and unconscious bias


3) Frames


4) Make discrimination visible


5) Taking Action

Know the Deal

Do Analysis

Spread the Word


6) Next steps

7) Media coverage of StopDog and the Center for Social Inclusion


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