Nashville Post Politics: Some Whites Weep Making Others Ill

Nashville Post Politics

Some Whites Weep Making Others Ill

Sean Braisted explains how a white man can get teary eyed contemplating the reality of a black president:

So when I see or hear about an elderly black woman breaking down and crying after voting for an African American for the first time for President, I may not be able to directly relate to her life experience, but I can empathize. Just as I may not fully understand the ramifications of the civil rights movement, but I have cried before watching archived footage of Martin Luther King Jr. give his mountaintop speech, or his “I have a dream” speech from his March on Washington.

I may have voted with my head, but my heart is what made me campaign for Obama during the primaries, or give money that I didn’t have a lot of, or which will make me take off early tomorrow to drive to Ohio just to canvass for one day. And the combination of head and heart is what turns a potentially good President, into a potentially great one.


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