Mother Jones Blog: Why Wright Happens

Mother Jones Blog

Why Wright Happens

Getting back to the issue of whether Wright is a racist or not, this whole kerfuffle also rankles because it demands that blacks have zero problem with race relations in this country. Well, guess what: We do, and we’re not gonna shut up about it. Many of us believe whites/America as capable of just about anything, and realities like Gitmo, war profiteering, and the financial collapse have proved us all too right in that wariness.

Are there those among us who have been driven positively round the bend? Certainly, and we know just how to take them—as outlets for our sometimes incoherent rage. Then we go back to work as the the only black in our offices and we mix and mingle just fine, navigating between Raheem in the mailroom, who can “prove” all whites are devils, and Jennifer in accounting, who can never remember that you’re not a cafeteria worker. We rarely argue with Raheem because he’d either pity or hate us as a sell out. Also, these guys are pretty amusing. Nor do we often bother to straighten Jennifer out (after three years) because we know it would only get us marked “angry” and “not a team player.” Lots of things about America strike us as no crazier than our grannies and pastors; there has to be somewhere for us to work off the pressure.

Said it before and now I’m saying it again: It took the world centuries to make blacks this crazy. We come by it honestly. What’s your grandmother’s excuse?

Y’all show us a white in public life with no racists or conspiracy theorists among his intimates, and then we can talk about Wright.


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