Minn. Campaign Report: NRCC/Paulsen attack ad: ‘a betrayal of what Minnesota politics is all about’

Minn. Campaign Report

NRCC/Paulsen attack ad: ‘a betrayal of what Minnesota politics is all about’

This story is going to dominate the rest of this campaign’s news cycle: The National Republican Campaign Committee, operating on behalf of Erik Paulsen’s campaign, darkening photos of Democratic candidate Ashwin Madia to instill fear of the Other in voters.

A Republican attack ad invites viewers to “meet the real Ashwin Madia,” but the still photos featured in the spot present a noticeably darker version of the 3rd District DFL congressional candidate.”At least three of the photos of Madia were obviously darkened, using one method or another,” public affairs and media consultant Dean Alger told KARE 11.

He said the viewing public has grown accustomed to hearing distorted claims, or statements and votes used out of context. However, Alger asserts the altered images of Madia, the son of Indian immigrants, crosses a line.

“There is an attack ad tactic that goes beyond distortion, and frankly, is a betrayal of what Minnesota politics is all about.”

It’s been done on the presidential level against Obama, and now it’s being done against Madia. I particularly like, though, that the Republicans are unwilling to let their viewers know that Madia is a Marine veteran who served honorably in Iraq — God forbid they actually discuss important issues like the economic and human impact of our continued involvement in Iraq. God forbid they compare Madia’s real experience with world affairs to Erik Paulsen’s travelogue and tired rhetoric about Congress being broken.No, instead, they play dog whistle politics on race.

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