Perhaps seeing no contradiction with her tut-tut over the robo-calls, Palin said McCain should use Rev. Wright, Obama’s controversial former pastor, against him. Politically, she is right.  Morally, he is.

But Palin knows that playing the race card is a tried-and-true election wedge and would have done more in one week than all the fake controversies, like ACORN, like Ayers, like “socialist,” have been able to do for a whole campaign. It still probably would have failed in this unique year. But with the bad economy, the in-the-toilet Republican brand, the debates that Americans thought Obama won handily,  it has became clear that Wright was always McCain’s best shot.

Other McCain supporters from the Palin school are up this week with a Wright ad, going without McCain’s public support. They used Obama’s two young daughters. Classy!

A New York Times magazine article on the flailing McCain campaign speculated that McCain’s concern for his own daughter might be one reason he does not want to play the race card.  His adopted daughter, now 17, not too long ago found out that she was the alleged illegitimate baby of McCain and a black prostitute, according to circulars with false information spread by Bush minions in 2000.

McCain employs those very same minions, some of whom had beenencouraging him to use Wright. But McCain does not want to be branded a racist, as he surely would have been, doubtlessly by the writer of this blog among many, many others. Playing the race card, from Willie Horton to Jesse Helm’s “hands ad,” is after all, racist and would be properly classed as such.

Palin on the other hand wouldn’t have cared. This church-going woman has just the kind of situational morality that fits modern politics.

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