Newsweek: Writes Like She talks: “Middle Americans Are Not Just White, Christian, Working Class Folk”

Newsweek: Writes Like She Talks

“Middle Americans Are Not Just White, Christian, Working Class Folk”

Excellent post from well-known woman of color blogger, Tami Winfrey Harris of What Tami Said and Anti-Racist Parenting. An excerpt:

Why is it so easy for the Right to paint Barack Obama as both a foreigner and anti-American, despite the fact that he has served the country on a community, state, and national level and is currently running to become president of the United States? It is easy because in the American psyche, whiteness = American, and colored = something else. Back when I was in college, a diverse dining-hall table evoked an interesting comment from a white friend — one of the white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, midwestern, small-town sort. She looked around at the group gathered for lunch, which included several white students, a Hispanic student, a student of Asian ancestry, and myself. “Wow! We’ve got a Mexican, a Chinese person, a black, and three Americans sitting here!” Of course, I pointed out that the people of color at the table were Americans too. All of us were born and raised in the United States. “Well, you know what I mean,” she countered offhandedly. I do know what she meant. She meant that, even in the minds of some good people who mean well, America is synonymous with baseball, apple pie, Chevrolets, and whiteness.

Please go read this column in its entirety and leave a comment if you’re so moved.  Also, if you like Tami’s thought process and writing, check out her blogs.


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