Ad Spotlight: Wright Appears In Late Third-Party Attack

Ad Spotlight

Wright Appears In Late Third-Party Attack

The impending sense of doom among Republicans with a week to go before Election Day has led some to criticize John McCain‘s campaign. One thing many conservatives would have liked to see from the Arizona senator was an earlier and more direct hit onBarack Obama for his connection with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Instead, third-party groups like Our Country Deserves Better PAC (subscription) and, now, the National Republican Trust PAC have taken up the issue themselves.

The National Republican Trust PAC, a group responsible for two controversial TV ads about Obama’s immigration policies, is now putting $2.5 million behind “He Never Complained Once” (subscription), a spot that dredges up Obama’s long-term relationship with Wright. It is currently airing in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“For 20 years, Barack Obama followed a preacher of hate and said nothing as Wright raged against our country,” the announcer charges as video clips of some of Wright’s most inflammatory sermons play in the background. “I don’t think my church is particularly controversial,” reads a quote from Obama on screen. Portraying Obama as an opportunistic politician, the announcer charges that “for 20 years, Obama never complained — until he ran for president.”

The question is whether or not Wright can affect the race at this point, when voters are more focused on economic issues and, according topolls, seem more willing to trust Obama on that topic than McCain. 


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