Politico: Right tries to make ‘socialist’ tag stick


Right tries to make ‘socialist’ tag stick

A seven-year-old radio interview of Barack Obama lamenting that the Warren Court “never entered into the issues of redistribution of wealth” resurfaced on Sunday, giving conservatives and Republicans a new opportunity to pin the “socialist” label on the Illinois Democrat as the 2008 presidential campaign winds to an end. 

A recording of then- state Sen. Obama speaking with Chicago public radio station WBEZ was posted Sunday on YouTube by Naked Emperor News, a conservative site that focuses on Obama videos, many related to his association with 1960’s radical William Ayers. 

“Obama Bombshell Audio Uncovered,” the headline on the site reads. “He wants to radically reinterpret the constitution to redistribute wealth!! Obama is discussing the best way to bring about a redistribution of wealth!!!” 

Early Monday morning, the Drudge Report highlighted the video with the blaring headline “2001 OBAMA: TRAGEDY THAT ‘REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH’ NOT PURSUED BY SUPREME COURT.” 

Having gone viral in a manner of hours, Obama’s rivals jumped on the video as further proof that an offhand comment Obama made to an Ohio man now dubbed “Joe the Plumber” — that it was time to “spread the wealth around” — was not a slip, but a statement of ideology. 

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