Politico: Ben Smith: Viral emails come to life

Politico: Ben Smith

Viral emails come to life

Jonathan Martin explains the anger that keeps popping up outside McCain-Palin events:

Much of their animus is directed at Obama, and for reasons far beyond what is publicly acceptable to McCain and his campaign. Not only do rank-and-file Republicans want to talk about Jeremiah Wright, but some of them think the Democrat is barely American and may even be a terrorist. 

So these events are like viral emails come to life. While McCain is hammering Obama on taxes and spending on stage, safe and conventional attacks, some in the crowd prefer to talk about the Democrat’s middle name or his “Arab” ties. 

And it’s not just at the rallies. I’ve heard anecdotes of Republican activists at local campaign offices raising these issues, only to be urged by campaign staffers to stick to the preferred message.

When asked about the comments by some of those who attend his rallies, McCain alludes to, without offering specifics, things said about him at Obama events and then notes that many of those who come to GOP events are veterans, as if to shame the questioner for raising the matter.

I’d add that the conservative blogosphere has, this cycle, wasted an enormous amount of time down similar rabbit holes (the “serious issue” of Obama’s citizenship , which hails from the people who brought you “9/11 Truth,” made it all the way toNational Review the other day) and in the process, spent less time thinking about Obama’s past, real, public liberal positions, or about his actual policies


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