Pink Flamingo: It Is Time To Call Evil What It Is (and) Deal With It

Pink Flamingo

It Is Time To Call Evil What It Is (and) Deal With It

in De

Today in Denver Barack Obama shook the trees and out fell 

insanely nutty individuals. Little Green Footballshas a photo of a Guillotine (H/T Looking At the Left) that showed up at the the Obama Rally.  I don’t know about you, but Obama’s little followers are now out of control.  The problem is he is so irresponsible and reprehensible himself that he will not call them down or tell them to behave.  This chilling reminder of one of the worst moments in modern history should be enough deter anyone from voting for The One.  LGF then links toLooking at the Left for more chilling photos of Obama’s supporters – FYI – Where’s all that GOP hate??

Check out the other photos from Looking at the Left and they will give you chills and cause for “panic”. This is evil – pure evil.  If Barack Obama is not required to denounce it, then we need to make sure voters see what is going on – not that it will make any difference – hope and change – alright.


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