No Quarter: Ludicrous Race Card Of The Week Award: Calling Obama a Socialist is “Racist”. Nice Try. No Cigar.**Updated**

No Quarter

Ludicrous Race Card Of The Week Award: Calling Obama a Socialist is “Racist”. Nice Try. No Cigar.**Updated**

It is now decreed that calling Barack Obama’s plans “Socialist” is Racist. He said it’s a racist “Code Word”.

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

McCain and Palin should be ”Ashamed of themselves”. In other words: Just shut up Or You are Gonna Get The Race Card!


So, calling someone’s platform Socialist is racist. Who knew??????

All righty then.

I started to surf the net to find out who the prominent Socialists were. You know, so I could point out the black ones. I tossed in Marxist and Communist, etc., just to preempt the next Race Card. After all, they are all part of Barack Obama’s endorsement package these days. Let’s face it. They were all the same anti-Democracy theories, one laughingly “improving” on the other.

It all started with the French, you know.

Let’s see, there’s this guy Henri de Saint-Simon. He was this French Utopian Socialist Thinker. Here he is. Ugly as hell but looking kind of…well…white.

Ok Ok, Gotta stick Karl in here because, besides bouncing off the walls, he bounced off of Owen’s Utopia idea. Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto. Hereeeeeeeeeee’ssssss Karllllllll, looking like he carries fleas. Karl was definitely Not. Black


I can’t find a single famous black Socialist! Dang!

I know Que, worshipped by so many of Obama’s supporters, is definitely not black. See? Here he is, looking all macho on his horse. Not. black.


So, could somebody please tell me how it is that calling Barack Obama a Socialist is a Racist thing to say? I’ll wait…….


Congratulations, Mr. Diuguid!!!! You win the Ludicrous Race Card of the Week Award! I mean don’t let the fact that Barack has been endorsed by the previously dead American Socialst, Marxist/Leninist and Communist parties stop you from pulling that old card, ya hear????

I mean, just because he wants to redistribute wealth and ran in 1996 on the Marxist AKA “New Party” ticket is no darned good reason to call him a Socialist either, right? Just because millions of immigrants came here to the USA to get away from most of the guys mentioned above is no reason to be concerned, right?

That would be Racist!

UPDATE! Freedom Fairy has found a photo of not one, but TWO black Socialists.





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