MO News-Leader: Race card played in presidential contest

MO News-Leader

Race card played in presidential contest

The Democrats are running test programs in two states, there will be more later, to attempt to intimidate voters into voting Democratic to prove they’re not racists.

Even many minorities will be so disgusted by such childish, race baiting, stupid and desperate slaps in the face that it will backfire on the perpetrators and (Sen. Barack) Obama will have to claim no knowledge and no part in it, even though the plan likely came from the top of the campaign. A congressman of Pennsylvania telegraphed this as a coming event when he said half the voters in his state are racists and later said they were “rednecks.”

This is exactly the kind of race card tactic Bill Clinton was trying to identify against him. Clinton didn’t have the ability to properly articulate it without his circle of “geniuses” around him. Additionally, Clinton convinced himself that he was the first black president so his accusation was taken as a joke. If such tactics work, America is in for a really rough ride ahead.

Top Democrat leaders are smugly smirking and laughing about the “You have to prove you’re not racist” program, in my opinion. Whether this was done to fire up the Democrat base or to intimidate undecided voters, it’s still a very hot fire to play with and will burn both ways. Ask Bill Clinton!


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