Little Green Footballs: Reuters: Racism Everywhere, Yet Sporadic and Isolated

Little Green Footballs

Reuters: Racism Everywhere, Yet Sporadic and Isolated

The mainstream media are absolutely relentless with this overblown nonsense: Ugly election incidents show lingering US racism.

Now there’s an unbiased headline.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Reuters) – Two weeks before an election that could install the first black U.S. president, scattered ugly incidents have reflected a deep residue of racism among some segments of white America.

A cardboard likeness of Barack Obama was found strung from fishing wire at a university, the Democratic presidential nominee’s face was depicted on mock food stamps, the body of a black bear was left at another university with Obama posters attached to it.

Though the incidents are sporadic and apparently isolated, they stirred up memories of the violent racial past of a country where segregation and lynchings only ended within the last 50 years.

So let’s recap. In the world of Reuters, a tiny number of scattered, sporadic, isolated incidents proves that there is a “deep residue of racism” among white Americans.

How do they look at themselves in the mirror after writing such garbage?


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