Detroit Free Press: Shameless anti-stem cell ad

Detroit Free Press

Shameless anti-stem cell ad

But opponents to Proposal 2, the Nov. 4 ballot initiative that would legalize embryonic stem cell research in Michigan, may have set new standards for shameless fear-mongering

An ad titled “In the Name of Good,” (See it here.) which began running today, compares the research that Prop 2 would allow to the human experimentation horrors at Tuskegee University. Using an actor whose voice “sounds” black, the commercial says (quite falsely) that stem cell research won’t be regulated, and implies that it could therefore lead to abuses similar to the Tuskegee experiments, in which hundreds of African-American men were purposely infected with syphillis by researchers.

The point is clear: to frighten minority communities into voting against Prop 2 by drawing a false connection with past abuse. 

It’s far past shameless, and well into reckless and even pernicious campaigning. 

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