Talking Points Memo: Are Republicans The Victims Of Their Own Success In Slime-Trafficking?

Talking Points Memo

Are Republicans The Victims Of Their Own Success In Slime-Trafficking?


One has to wonder whether McCain and the Republicans are, in a sense, victims of their own success in playing the slime game.

They’ve thrown so much vicious stuff at Barack Obama via robocalls, mailers, ads, and the like — and they’ve succeeded in doing it so comprehensively — that it seems likely that it has lost its potency, if it ever had any at all. It seems fair to speculate that the paper slime currency that the GOP has been printing at such a furious rate has lost all its value.

Call it DSD syndrome — Defining Slime Down.

Take, for instance, the mailer below from the Republican National Committee that’s getting attention today (even though HuffPo first posted it five days ago). It shows a plane about to hit an airport and says: “Barack Obama thinks terrorists just need a good talking to.”

Is this really going to shock anyone? Is it going to move voters in any meaningful numbers? Doubtful.

Multiple polls show that one of these attacks — the one on Obama’s association with William Ayers — has been a flop. I suspect that if there were polling on the GOP’s more generic efforts to insinuate that Obama is linked to or sympathetic towards terrorists in various other ways — such as in the mailer below — it would find the same.

Either way, at this point, when McCain or the RNC links Obama to terrorists in one way or another it’s just a dog bites man story.



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