NY Times blog: In Florida Mailboxes, Harsh Attacks on Obama

NY Times blog

In Florida Mailboxes, Harsh Attacks on Obama


The second piece of literature, paid for by the Republican Party of Florida, provides a new line of attack. It alleges that Senator Obama would be soft on crime. Few issues are as racially radioactive, especially here in Miami, so it is worth asking: Does the flier go over the line?

Some of it focuses on Senator Obama’s voting history (oversimplifying a present vote in the Illinois senate to suggest he is “against protecting children from danger,” in one example). But on the front, there is a picture of Senator Obama, looking menacing, with an all-black background. On the other side, above the address it says: “Obama: ‘he acted more as a friend to criminals than to cops…’”

When opened, it says: “Obama doesn’t talk much about his views on crime and punishment – at least not in front of general audiences – and for good reason.”

That line and the one out front about criminals and cops come from a Marcheditorial in Investor’s Business Daily that sought to closely link the views of Senator Obama to the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., his former preacher. It called Mr. Wright “his mentor” and said, “unfortunately, Obama listens to his preacher and buys into his conspiracy theories.”


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