HuffPo: Inboxes in South Filled With Warnings About Aliens, Commies and Schizophrenia


Inboxes in South Filled With Warnings About Aliens, Commies and Schizophrenia

It’s getting right crazy down here in Dixie. When we’re not talking to ourselves, we’re talking to everybody else — whether they want to listen or not. Yada-yada-Muslim, yada-yada-antichrist, yada-yada-doesn’t-want-America-to-win, yada-yada-he-s-a-commie-socialist! Yada-yada-God-hates-him. And more.

I’m drowning in it. Get involved covering a campaign and you’ll find your name gets on email lists you never dreamed existed. You get mail, everybody’s hollerin’ and it’s noisy as hell. I got some doozies last week from deeply offended progressives who’re worried about the tenor of Team McPalin’s dark “path to a narrow margin of victory”. And I got more than a few from avid McCain supporters. They’re mighty anxious to change my mind.

Poor William Friedkin is getting mail, too. Did he take to the stump and holler “I’m for Satan!”, “Traitor!”, “Kill ’em Both!” or “Bomb McCain and Palin!”? Nope. All the man did was make a contribution to the Obama campaign. $2300 to Obama for America. He anted up for the anti-you-know-what. He contributed to the commie. He supports the socialist.

Friedkin got a letter from Howard Rich, chairman of the Americans for Limited Government Foundation: “…As a donor to one or more of these [radical agenda or leftist] organizations, you have been able to engage in these activities without notice…I am writing to inform you this will no longer be the case…Your name has been put in our database…”

While Friedkin was not born nine months after Roswell’s aliens began impregnating unsuspecting American women (he was born in 1935), he’s a suspicious dude and Right-Wing Big Brother is watching. William Friedkin’s name is on the list. And, if you believe your email (like too many Southerners are prone to do) the end’s coming and if Howard Rich can’t do the job on Friedman, God’ll do it for him.

Unless he sees the light. Then he’ll vote Right. And God bless (the real) America.


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