HuffPo: How Come McCain’s “Gook” Slur Isn’t Bigger News?


How Come McCain’s “Gook” Slur Isn’t Bigger News?

I want to know: Who is the real John McCain?

This past Sunday, when Colin Powell appeared onMeet the Press to endorse Barack Obama, he also made sure to give his friend John McCain the benefit of the doubt in the wake of an increasingly race-baited campaign by bitter surrogates and running mates. But even as he described his frustration with the ugly rancor of some of his fellow Republicans, Powell affirmed that, “John McCain is as nondiscriminatory as anyone I know.”

Well, Mr. Powell, does McCain saying “I hate the gooks” change your mind at all? The sunken story around the Republican presidential nominee’s statement eight years ago — to which I can’t seem to find a public apology for — seems to lie pretty buried in the media, including on the Huffington Post. There are several mentions of it on this site (click herehere, and here), but nothing seems to have gotten much traction (Those HuffPo articles have only about 35 comments between them) and most articles point only to the original San Francisco Chronicle story back in February 2000.

To say the silence around this racist statement is dumbfounding is an understatement. I just recently stumbled upon this graphic on the website Angry Asian Man and immediately posted something about the quote. And there is a new book that builds the case against McCain for a history of racial insensitivity. It also hasn’t gone completely unnoticed by the right. Rush Limbaugh noted an allegedvideo of McCain uttering the phrase. But mostly, the story just seems to be at a low simmer. (Is Obama planning an October surprise with that video?)

Perhaps the subtle inclination is to give McCain a pass since it’s not atypical for some scaredVietnam vets to harbor the term for their wartime enemy — and nobody really wants to call these guys racists. It’s just like their father’s use of “Jap” to describe World War II Japanese soldiers and citizens, terminology pretty much accepted as the spoils of war. I mean, dude’s a pre-boomer, and those guys just sometimes say things like that, right? Anyway. And while the term shouldn’t ever be acceptable, it should absolutely disqualify a presidential candidate. (Where the hell is Asian American conservative and self-hating firebrand Michelle Malkin, who finally has an opportunity to do the right thing?)


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