CAFFEINATED POLITICS: John McCain Plays Race Card In Pennsylvania


John McCain Plays Race Card In Pennsylvania

The headline in the Washington Times, a conservative paper, told all there was to know. 

McCain targets white Clinton strongholds

The story is pretty much what one might expect.  But is this what John McCain wants as his legacy about his final political contest in America?  I have read for decades about ‘Potomac Fever’, and how it grabs the soul of some politicians, but I never understood how thoroughly it can impact a person until this election year.  The polls show there is no way that McCain can win in Pennsylvania, so why go there and stir passions of fear and hate?  Just to show the nation there is still a fight in the McCain campaign is not good enough.  Lets remember that after Election Day we still have a nation that needs to come together and fight the real issues that confront the new President.  Enough of the racial politics.


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