Right Wing News: My Black Dilemma

Right Wing News

My Black Dilemma

What makes Obama “black?” It’s a question that’s been swirling in my mind for well over a year now. I’ve been putting off writing this, because I’m honestly afraid of what I might say. What will I feel? Will I be another Uncle Tom? Hell, what made President Clinton the “first Black President?”

It matters not. You see, intellectual honesty means more to me. My country means more to me.

I haven’t taken a firm position on the use of the N-word, but I do intend to use it here.

Barack Obama shares my skin color. In fact, he and I share more of the same skin pigmentation than Rev. Al Sharpton. We both glow a little yellow. I get mine from my father, while he gets his from a dash of makeup and his father, I suppose.


One Response

  1. omg! the author does get what he deserves! trying to be all transparent about his black identity with his conservative white bretheren who literally “Couldn’t give a rats ass about his ancestry”!! oh brothaman. when will you learn…

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