Mediaverse: On Enough! (The Powell Effect)


On Enough! (The Powell Effect)

I could care less about the “Bradley Effect.”

If a voter, who happens to be white, says that he/she plans to vote for Sen. Barack Obama for president but has a change of heart in the ballot booth, then, well, that’s between that person, his/her conscience and God. I’m just not will not willing to automatically assume that person is a racist. Call me naïve, if you will.
I’m more concerned about what I can now best describe as the “Powell Effect.”

The effect has little to do with who Powell, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Secretary of State, endorsed Sunday but it has everything to do with how Powell, a Republican, did what he did and the gutteral response to it in some quarters.

I’m just sayin, there are few who would disagree that Powell is one of the nation’s most respected Americans. He earned it.


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