Newsweek: The World According to Oatney: The Polls and the “Bradley Effect”


The World According to Oatney: The Polls and the “Bradley Effect”

Now we hear concern from our friends on the Left about the so-called Bradley Effect, the idea that because Barack Obama is an African-American, people may be lying to the pollsters, but may be racist and will not vote for Obama because he is black. I do not normally like to quote political columnist Ann Coulter because while I agree with her personal politics, she often comes across as hateful and brash. However, I think Coulter hit the nail on the head in her October 15th column. If there is such an effect in this year’s election, it won’t be because everyone who voted differently than they told the pollsters is a racist. It may be that people fibbed to the questioner out of fear that their vote for McCain will be seen as racism whether it is or not:

First of all, if true, this is the opposite of racism: It is fear of being accused of racism. For most Americans, there is nothing more terrifying than the prospect of being called a racist. It’s scarier than flood or famine, terrorist attacks or flesh-eating bacteria. To some, it’s even scarier than “food insecurity.”

Political correctness has taught people to lie to pollsters rather than be forced to explain why they’re not voting for the African-American.


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