Little Green Footballs: Equating Islam with Terrorism Will Lead to Terrorism

Little Green Footballs

Equating Islam with Terrorism Will Lead to Terrorism

The Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan addressed yet another “inter-faith” conference today, and announced that “equating Islam with terrorism is dangerous.”

Because it will lead to … uh … terrorism.

“It is a great pity that we see incessant attempts to authenticate and unify Islam and terrorism. The doctrinal substance of Islam is distorted. This repulses a big chunk of Muslims who cannot help but be offended by such treatment of the Quran,” said Kazakhstan Foreign Minister M. Tazhin, addressing the conference, Common World – Progress Through Diversity.

“Anti-Islamism is a danger with negative consequences not only for the Muslim community but also for Western countries themselves,” Tahzin warned.

The amazing thing about these kinds of statements, which are issued almost every day by one Islamic leader or another, is that the people who say them have no apparent recognition that they’re tying themselves into a rhetorical knot.


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