Talking Points Memo: RNC Mailer Hits Obama: “It Used To Be Easy To Recognize Patriotism”

Talking Points Memo

RNC Mailer Hits Obama: “It Used To Be Easy To Recognize Patriotism”

The Republican National Committee is hitting households in North Carolina with a tough new mailer that contains a striking juxtaposition: It combines an image of someone with a white hand on his heart next to a flag pin, along with the following slogan: “It used to be easy to recognize patriotism.”

The mailer was sent our way by a North Carolina reader (click on the images to enlarge):


To be sure, the mailer’s main patriotism hit is an attack on Obama and Joe Biden over Biden’s recent claim that it’s “patriotic” for top-earners to pay higher taxes for the good of the country.

“Obama-Biden calls paying higher taxes `patriotic,'” the mailer says. “Sounds mixed up. But it shouldn’t be surprising — Barack Obama loves high taxes.”

So the mailer isn’t directly questioning Obama’s patriotism. But the mailer’s imagery seems like a clear allusion to the viral smears holding that Obama doesn’t wear a flag pin and refused to put his hand on his heart during the pledge of allegiance. That seems particularly clear given the slogan about it being harder to recognize patriotism these days, which also seems like a subtle attack on Obama’s “otherness.”

What’s more, this mailer comes to light on the same day that we learned of an RNC-McCain robocall in multiple states accusing Obama of putting “Hollywood above America,” suggesting that a broad attack is underway on this front.

The RNC didn’t respond to a request for comment.




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