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open thread on the debate….

2 Responses

  1. Obama was cool and presented the issues looking the camera in the eye.

    McCain seemed to be more like a grumpy pirate.

    my “fave” quotes were McCain saying that Palin is “a role model for women”, and Obama’s reference to “cavalier activities.”

  2. I wonder whether there is a Bradley Effect disguising the appeal of anti-Obama negative campaigning to undecided voters, contrary to the CNN “undecided voters graph” and polling purporting to confirm voters’ disinterest in negatives. First, what are undecided voters undecided about if not their comfort with the “otherness” of Obama? Second ,don’t all of the negative issues go to race? Wright (Farrakahn), Ayers (Osama, which is more Islamophobia, but also “60s radical” trope e.g. X or Stokely), Acorn (anti-redistribution to irresponsible subprime black folks and anti-black voter registration throwback from poll tax era)…

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