FOX News: Fred Barnes: The Race Card is Being Played

FOX News: Fred Barnes

The Race Card is Being Played

Fred Barnes
Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard/FOX News Contributor

The truth is, the race card is being played in this campaign.

It’s being played by people like Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia).  It was played yesterday by Joe Biden, where Biden said, “the charges against Obama are unhealthy.  You don’t throw race and terrorism into the presidential campaign.”

I don’t believe McCain or Palin has thrown race into the campaign, but the other way of playing the race card is to accuse somebody of doing that.  Obama has repeatedly accused the McCain campaign of reminding people he’s an African-American and so on.  We’ve been through this a long time in the campaign.

Normally what you do in a campaign with your opponent [is], you say, “here’s what he says; here’s what he’s done.  Here’s Barack Obama; he says he’s going to bring us together, he’s a moderate.  Here’s what he’s done; well he’s spent a lot of time, or some time, working with this guy who’s an unrepentant terrorist–Bill Ayers.”

This is what you do in any campaign.  The difference in this campaign is all of a sudden when the McCain campaign does it, they’re accused of being racist, that somehow it’s a racist attack.

It’s a way to discredit the attack.  And you know what?  It’s worked pretty well with the media, because they buy into this thing.


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